How Can Students Boost Their Self-Confidence?

One quality that most students lack is self-confidence. Be it public speaking or presentation, initiating a talk with classmates, or asking questions to professors, they don’t find enough courage. In fact, college-goers join personality development classes, read articles, to improve themselves. But, still, they feel nervous and anxious in front of people. Some of them even avoid get-togethers and college parties as they feel uncomfortable with people around them.  
If you are also one of such student, then take a deep breath and relax. Here are some tips to boost your self-confidence:
1. Stop negative self-talks
Have you ever said to yourself phrases like, ‘This always happens to me,’ ‘my life is a mess,’ etc. If yes, then stop repeating them from now on. Because these negative self-talks will only result in eroding your self-confidence. Also, none of them are true. If anything bad happens to you, then remember that they are just ‘time of adjustments.’ So the next time you feel low, just remind yourself that these things happen to everyone once in a while to make us better and stronger.  
2. Sit straight
You might think what my sitting posture got to do with my confidence. But actually, it matters a lot. According to research, when we sit straight and look up right, our body occupies more space which increases our testosterone level and lowers cortisol level which further improves our self-confidence. It gives us a feeling like we’re in command, even when we sit alone on a chair. So just hang a picture on the wall at a height which makes you look up. This little change can give you big rewards and the feeling of being powerful and capable.  
3. Write your weekly achievements
To be confident, you need to feel good about yourself and be vocal about your success. So, you can set aside half an hour every week
to write down all that you have achieved in the last seven days. Thinking about your accomplishments will work wonders for you. You will gradually notice a positive change in your attitude. This trick can be used in all aspects of your life be it studies, workout, or job. Even when you help your mother with domestic work like washing dishes, or did 20 extra pushups in the gym, mention that, and you will definitely be woo-hooing to yourself.  
4. Take chances
Many people, especially students build an imaginary shield around themselves to feel secure and strictly reject to step out of their comfort zone. This is because they are scared and insecure. If you also belong to this group, then remember that you are much better than you think and you just need to realize this fact. So, the best way is to face your fear every time you get the chance and gain confidence by every experience.  
5. Care for yourself
As they say ‘clothes make the man,’ so you need to focus on your look. This not only includes your dressing but it is the combination of your physical, mental and social health. Start loving yourself more and make out some time to look after your own needs. Also, stop being too harsh on yourself when you make a mistake by feeling humiliated or taking it too personally because no one is perfect and all humans fail at least once in a lifetime.  
We hope that these points would improve your self-esteem and help you in your overall development.  
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