7 Interesting Tips and tricks to style benches in the home

Are you looking for a furniture piece that apart from providing additional seating gives the space a decor? Then buy an upholstered or wooden bench online from a reliable furniture store and let your home get a ravishing look. Far more than just a seating unit, benches in the house provide plenty of benefits. They perfectly fit in every nook or crannies and sometimes serves as storage and display units in the bedrooms and other rooms. Depending on how they are placed, benches in the abode can serve as an organization hub or become the finishing touch to the larger furniture arrangement.

Here we have listed some styling ideas that will turn a simple looking wooden bench into statement pieces. 

1. Tell a story: Place a narrative around the bench. Although it is alone suitable to define the space, a more pleasing artwork when surrounded by rural reference makes it more attractive.  When planning to style the bench, think of it as an element in your story and then plot line with artwork and other displayed units around it.

2. Strategic Placement: If you want to draw everyone eye towards the bench, place it at the end of the bed. You can use it as a furniture piece to stack books and other decorative items. Bench in the bedroom will fill up space and helps provide an enticing look. Moreover, a rustic style wooden bench when placed near a footboard provide a seat for putting on footwear. So buy the piece, which is sturdy and durable.

3. Opt for two: Benches come in all shapes and sizes, so choose a piece that suits your style preference and that works well in your abode. For instance, if you want to decorate the entryway then buy two upholstered benches and place them around a substantial collection of the art piece. Their design and structure will invite people to kick back while balancing the decor of the home.

4. Put it into Service: If your bathroom doesn't have enough storage space, then use the bench as a storage unit to hold toiletries and towels near the sink, shower etc. This is the quickest and easiest way to decorate the bench. You can buy a bench online of the same colour as that of the bathroom to give the space a timeless appeal.

5. Mix things up: Give your dining area a modern and fun look, by using the bench in a different colour, as seating unit on one side, instead of chairs. Try pair them with other side chairs and head chairs to have an elegant and fantastic look. If you want a new bench to instantly age, then wash it with milk paint or apply paint products that create crackled finishes.

6. Think Creatively: Buy a rustic bench online and look at it as a design inspiration. Many homeowners took an artistic hint from these benches rough surface and rectangular planes to build an exceptional decorative on an underused wall. For instance, you can pair the bench with an area rug and mirror frames.  Or can include jars in amazing colours to hold fresh-cut blooms and likes.

7. In the outdoors: Why invest for extra seating in the outdoors, when you can use the astonishing wooden or other material benches outside your home. Use the bench as additional outdoor seating in the warm weather and give your balcony or backyard a fabulous look. But make sure you opt for the piece that suits your environment and works well with your decor.

Benches not only serve as a seating option near the shoe rack or the window, but they also act as a decorative furniture piece. Benches with storage options provide an organised look to the house. So make a checklist depending upon the consideration and style because adding a stylish, and affordable seats in the home will provide an inviting look. A wise decision will give you a lot of satisfaction with a long time comfort.

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