5 Efficient Last-Minute Revision Tips You Must Try a Day Before Exam

As the examination days approach, students start panicking and stressing themselves. Some might get depressed because their preparation is not up to the required level. A day before the exam is the most crucial as it decides your performance in the test. Even if you have completed your course, that doesn't guarantee your excellent performance. Every single minute is significant, and one must not waste it. But, the question here is how to prevent yourself from misspending the time? You hardly have many hours to read, and once that is over, there's little time left to revise, so here are some useful tips to make the most of every second before you enter the exam hall. Take a look!

1.) Study Smarter, Not Harder: With an exam just around the corner, there’s no point in locking yourself in a room and spending all day and night in studying. It may appear too tempting for scholars to study harder, but remember that you have heaps of syllabus remaining and only a few hours to prepare it. The time for hard work is gone already, and to make the most of study time you must go for smart techniques- that is getting organized. Help yourself in figuring out how many hours are left and what important topics are yet to cover and where you need to improve on. Preparing a short schedule can help scholars in a way that they can take ownership of the remaining time, and it focuses on the areas that they’re less confident about. There’s no point revising the topics that they already know well.

2.) Stick Revision Notes Everywhere: In those last moments before the exam, you should immerse yourself completely in the revision, and by that, we mean making visual reminders all over the bedroom, or study area. Creating flashcards, or sticky notes, write down important formulae, snippets of information, mnemonics, and stick them to our walls. Making flashcards is an efficient way of quick revision as they comprise a visual representation of information you are seeking. Studying from books, or an iPad is good, but having all the key points in front of you, can help in visualizing the answers on the day of the exam.

3.) Practice Sample Exam Papers: Knowing the underlying theory for a review is one thing, but the ability to put that knowledge into problems asked is another. For your last minute revision, try to give a time slot in your schedule to practice exam papers. Attempt at least one paper and check your answers afterward. This will help you in identifying any weak spots in your studies. In addition to this, practice papers can also be a great way for you to improve your time management skills for the exam as you can identify the question type that takes longer to answer and adjust your time accordingly.

4.) Record Important Notes in Smartphones: This is a unique technique for last minute revision, and you might not have tried this ever before. While revising for examination, a major fraction of students read from their notes using visuals like sticky notes, or flashcards, but only a few use audio. In a research, it was found that we remember only 10% of what was read, 20% of what was heard, and 30% of what was seen and heard. Recording important findings and keynotes aloud into your phone is an effective way to retain what has been read already. And, you can listen to them before you go to bed or on the way to the exam.

5.) Make a ‘Cheat Sheet’: A cheat sheet is a condensed form of a document that consists of the most crucial information you will need before the exam. It may contain important formulae. Moreover, these sheets can aid you in sizing down all the chapters into one essential page. You can read over your cheat sheet on the way to the examination hall, but don’t forget to tear or destroy them off before stepping the hall.
They say nothing can make a person more productive than the last-minute. So don’t stress yourself too much, even if you have a lot of syllabi pending. Follow the aforementioned tips to avoid such situations of the last-minute rush.

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