7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Chest of Drawers

If we talk about the most multi-purpose furniture piece, then the chest of drawers wins the race! They are embellishing furniture units which also provides you with a lot of extra storage space. On the outside, they are fancy pieces that take up a large wall. On the inside, it's huge storage space! But as we all know that furniture pieces are expensive ventures and replacing them every now and then can be quite quixotic. So instead of hurting your pocket every time, why not try upgrading a piece of furniture by decorating to give it a fresh new look. Chest of drawers is one such item that can be upgraded beautifully to give a brand-new look to the entire space. 

Following are seven creative ways that will help you do the same efficiently.

Paint is an Appealing Option: We all have the right to showcase our creativity, and we love doing that! Painting a drawer is one of the things that you can take in hand and bring out the best of what you have. For this, pick a solid colour or use block or stencils to create your own design. Also, choosing the colour that gels well with the overall furniture and furnishings is an ideal choice.

Beautify them With Paper Cut-Outs: A well-known term for this approach is “decoupage”, which involves cutting the pieces of paper and sticking them to the surface for the desired design. One of the ways to do this is by using wallpaper. Wallpapers come with different patterns, and one can opt for the style they like. 

Remember that, as thick will be the wallpaper, the easy will be the process. The thickness of the wallpaper makes the process easier and involves easy steps. Also, make sure you paint the chest of drawers first and then go on with the said process.

Change the Hardware: The Hardware for a chest of drawers is like its jewellery!  Upgrading any of these will instantly give a makeover to the entire furniture piece. This will transform a simple design that you bought for your chest of drawers online into something elegant by changing the hardware latches or knobs.

Use Stencil Words: Do you often find difficulty in finding out your stuff? Do you need identification marks to store your goods? Don’t worry; you can do this in a little or no time by creating words using stencilled letters on your chest of drawers online and can make your boring drawers turns into funky units. This will also help you to find things quickly and easily.

Enhance it with Traditional Architectural Appliques: Architectural designs are perfect if your wooden chest of drawers is kept in a more traditional setup. On the opposite, it might even work beautifully for a contemporary style room, as the details like engraving or colours of wood in similar or contrasting finishes can make this furniture piece unique. For this, make sure you start the process by using the technique of sanding and move forward with the process using adhesive.

The Family Essence: Flavour the abode with memories and warmth by placing photos of family members or the childhood memories of your little one on the top of the drawers. You can also fix an enlarged image of the family collage on top which will fill the home with happy and delightful feeling.

French Polish: French polish is known for embellishing the beauty of gritty wooden chest of drawers. So if your chest of drawer online is blessed with a matted or gritty wood, beautify it using polish. Remember, the French polish is slightly sensitive to damage, so make sure you use this in an area that receives less traffic.

Whatever your style is, don’t forget that your home is your temple and only you can make it shine. Make sure your home feels unique to you with a chest of drawers and that you enjoy having its presence to the max. 

There are a number of creative ways to decorate the chest of drawers- From adding painted colour and finishes to beautify it with architectural appliques or change the hardware. Just keep in mind that there is no need to throw out the chest of drawers just because it is too old or looks dull.

Just try applying the aforementioned ideas and also don't get tired of searching online the fashionable ways to upgrade your existing chest of drawers online India to gift a beautiful makeover to your home in a simplified way.

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