Use your credit card to buy these 8 things

Buying things using cash is the most common habit because it’s the easiest. But you might fall short of cash at times making it difficult for you to transact. This is where the credit card scores over cash. Also, credit cards are loaded with reward points in common categories and they come with special perks.

So, here is a list of stuff that you should always buy with your credit card so that you can enjoy warranties, rewards and protections that don't come with cash:

Buy expensive electronics

When credit card companies give you 0% instalments at participating merchant outlets, you'll have the choice to purchase expensive and superior-quality electronics and pay it off in affordable monthly instalments. This will let you keep your savings and you will not have to withdraw a bulk amount at once. Some credit cards also offer extended warranties that help you save money on repairs. This makes it easier for you to return products if they turn out to be defective or damaged.

Tax-deductible items

Credit card statements are mostly available in hard and soft copies which makes it easier to track the tax-deductible receipts. Once you swipe your credit card for computers, life insurance premiums, books, donations and other tax-deductible purchases, you can save yourself from a fuss while filing your taxes later.

Utility bills:

A lot of credit cards offer discounts, rebates, and also give you a chance to gather reward points. When you pay for utilities like phone bills and cable with your card, you collect reward points.

Travel Tickets

Some credit cards offer personal and medical accident insurance to provide healthcare coverage and hospitalization while you travel. Also, a credit card that gives you travel insurance will let you take advantage of benefits against travel inconvenience. In case of delayed flights, loss of accommodation booking and lost luggage, you can make a claim using the complimentary travel insurance.

Buying products overseas

It is a good idea to use your credit card to buy products overseas as it gives you better fraud protection. Your will also earn higher reward points for purchases made overseas which are generally not a flat fee.

Events and concerts

There are two advantages of buying events and concert tickets using a credit card. One, they offer you insurance in situations where the concerts are cancelled. Two, they can save you in refund fees.

Purchases made online

When it comes to making a choice between a credit and a debit card to pay for things bought, it is always wiser to pay using a credit card. Since almost all the credit cards have purchase protection which saves you from a world of hassle if the product purchased has any damage or is stolen.

Credit cards come with a lot of benefits that help you in saving money in the long run. The rewards that you earn while you use your credit card help you bag huge discounts on selected categories of products. The Balance Transfer Cards can be used to transfer the balance from one card to another So, use your credit cards in the above-mentioned situation and enjoy a bagful of benefits.  

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