Simple and Effective Tips for Making Study Notes

Exam preparation is perhaps the most stressful experience for any student. No matter what you studied throughout the session, you need to revise the topics before the scheduled date. But isn’t it tough to read everything when the preparation time is short? Well, one simple idea here is to sort out the important topics and summarize the key points in a notebook. Note-making is an important skill that can help students to retain, remember, recall information easily. But most students misunderstand note-making as simply writing down data from their books. Here we have shared some simple tips on making an effective note that would help you revise the syllabus a few days before the exam:
Understand your learning style
Before jumping to writing notes, you should analyze what type of learner you are and what techniques are most effective for you. There are four types of learners, namely, visual learner, kinaesthetic Learner, and auditory learner. Find out which category you belong to. If you are a visual learner, then a power point presentation or a video on the topic will be more effective than jotting down information on a paper.
Know the purpose of making notes

Students must make notes as per their needs. In case you want to use it for revision of the topics before the exam, analyze the previous year question papers to know about the pattern. Find out the topics that often repeats in the exam. And, instead of writing down everything in your notebook, write the valuable nuggets of information that are important for the exam. 
Refer to good study materials
Apart from the class lectures, books, journals, guides, and online databases are excellent sources of information. But it’s not possible to go through all the published materials on a topic. So, it’s better you refer to those that are already popular among students. If most students recommend a book, it means that they found it useful. 
Link your notes to your source material

If your course requires a lot of research, then you should cite the source materials used in your notes. In this way, while revising, if you feel confused about a particular point, you can easily access that source material for in-depth study.
Give proper format to your notes
If you write your notes in a haphazard manner, then it won’t be effective for revision. Students should write their study notes in the form of paragraphs with proper headings and sub-headings. Moreover, they should highlight the important points.
Use technology to your advantage
With the advent of technology, you need not limit yourself to the traditional technique of note making. Use your personal computer to compile it. You can further make use of creative visual study and incorporate media, such as graphics, videos, and presentations to enjoy a richer learning experience.
Keep your notes in a systematic way

You should keep your notes in such a manner that it would be easy to retrieve them whenever needed. If you write your notes on loose pages, then keep them in a file and write the page number on each page, so that it will be easy to arrange them orderly. In case you write your study notes on a computer, save them in a separate folder.
These were some useful tips on making study notes for exams. Use them to revise your syllabus easily. However, if loads of assignment writing projects have left you with no time to make notes, then seek help from us. The team of Instant Assignment Help Australia has so far helped hundreds of students with high-quality assignment help services, that too at affordable prices.

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