Some interesting ways to decorate a small bedroom with double bed

Are you thinking of furnishing your small bedroom with a double bed? But certain questions like how to position it, what type of furniture pieces will blend well with it, what colour, lighting and other accessories will work best etc. are troubling you? Then this article is boon for you.

Double bed furniture are the crucial units which not only provide a comfortable place to relax but also add a touch of royalness and beauty to the room. They are the pieces which take less space and provides enough room to move. Wooden double beds are the ideal pieces for people who enjoy sleeping by twisting or turning their bodies without worrying that they might fall on the ground. But to include them in smaller space, firstly you have to create a blank canvas by removing existing furnishing and cleaning the clutter.  Now measure the room to decide a framework for arranging furniture with storage double bed. In addition, set a decorating budget you can live with.

Following are some ways to style small room with double bed. 

1. Colours and Walls : Light, neutral colours provide an ideal backdrop for bold shades in contrasting colours offered by furnishing. These shades also tend to make the small bedroom having a wooden double bed with storage feel more open and airy. Soft shades of colours also work well on walls to supply a more spacious feel. Create an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or darker paint colour to add a beauty that won't overpower the space.

2. Against the wall : Place the double bed against adjoining walls in the small room. Make it a prominent piece in the area by hanging large frames and posters above the bed. You can also buy double bed online that have large stylish wooden or upholstered headboard. This kind of bed will add beauty to the decor. For a more enhanced appeal dress the bed with lots of large and small pillows, quilts and other essentials. Place a large area rug underneath the double bed, so it extends out into the room.

3. Floors and Windows : For a more gorgeous and enticing look,  place the head of the double bed with storage or without against the same wall as the window and coordinate it with pillows, curtains and bed linens. Tuck a small rug alongside the bed to have a cozy spot for barefoot. Avoid dark, heavy draperies that create a boxed-in feel in a small bedroom. Include lightweight curtains to have an airy and light feeling. 

4. Lighting and Accents : The ceiling lighting in the room provide ambient lightin with the flip of a switch. They are essential in a small bedroom that has a double bed in order to avoid bumping. Also, including lighting in area helps to circulate air and provides a charming look to the room. Installing wall sconces on each side of a double bed eliminates the need for bedside table lamps, freeing up more space on nightstands.

5. In the centre : Putting the double bed in the small bedroom in the middle with the head of it in a corner, make the length of the bed protrudes into the room.  It not only gives plenty of space on both sides of the bed but also leaves a big unused and unattractive gap behind the bed. Utilise this area by placing cabinet or shelves and decorate them amazingly. You can also opt for the upholstered or wooden double bed piece that has attached nightstands for an organised look.

These are some ways to decorate and place the double bed in the small bedroom. So follow them and let your space get an astonishing look. It is recommended to place the bed in the corner as this space lends a feeling of openness to the room and provides enough space to move and include other furniture units. 

So what are your dreaming? Buy double beds online in alluring designs, styles, materials and enjoy the comfort and beauty provided by it. You can also customise the bed as per your need and style by availing the customization facility provided by various online furniture stores.

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