10 most beautiful waterfalls in India

Flow of water from the top of the vertical slope of the land and get themselves meet in the river. Natural beauty is somewhat very immense and fascinating to everyone because it is all done with nature itself. In India which itself a homeland of many rivers gives you many eye-catching natural waterfalls that are the epitome of beauty. Water has always been very adventurous on any trip like from sports to its different forms it always makes you amazing. So if you are longing to enjoy these waterfalls right through your eyes then here are some of the best waterfalls in the land of India.

Shivasamudram fall

This waterfall is located 120 km from the capital of Karnataka(Bangalore). This place has got such a majestic ambiance where you cannot deny yourself at any cost. This place has got plenty island region where you can enjoy another sightseeing with another natural beauty. As you will be enjoying then there mandatory things to do in Bangalore are trekking through the greeny side of the land and also go through wildlife sanctuaries. The best time for visiting these waterfalls is from July to October as during this time rivers are filled with ample of water.

Nohsngithiang fall

Meghalaya, a state where rainfall is its best friend and you can never find drought anywhere. Nohsngithiang fall also known as seven sister falls as of seven watercourse cascade down parallelly and making a beautiful prospect of 70 meters set among the exuberant green forests. This fall is also named itself as the fourth highest waterfall in India. Due to an extreme flow of the waterfalls, it makes a way for itself and flows in that way continuously.  

Iruppu fall

Iruppu fall is among the most beautiful waterfalls in Coorg district of Karnataka. The water of this fall is believed to be sacred and many people often come to visit a temple which is near this fall. Along with beautiful waterfalls, there are some actually fascinating places to visit in Coorg like  Raja’s seat, Nisargadhama which will glam up your trip days. Cascade of fresh water falls from the height shows a stunning natural phenomenon.

Soochipara fall

Kerala is another land in India which has numbers of beautiful waterfalls that are crowned for the best waterfalls. Soochipara waterfall located in the Wayanad district of Kerala which is counted as one of the beauties of the state in Kerala. The waterfall gives it beautiful look in the season of monsoon where from the aura of light mist sparkle the greenery of the land. The crystal clear water and the roaring sound of the waterfall add another bit of fringe benefit to your adventure.

Bhagsunag fall

Waterfall either flow fall from the great height or from a low height it is always loved by the people. Located in the beautiful land of India named as Himachal Pradesh, this waterfall contains fresh water spring surrounded by cliffs and mountains. As already this place is the best architecture of God because of its immense beauty which can not be found anywhere. There is temple around this fall where people come to seek the blessing of a lord and also enjoy the natural beauty.

Bhimlat fall

Bhimlat fall is also called s a delight amid a desert land of Rajasthan state. Located in Bundi,this waterfall falls from the height of 60 meters and dissolve itself into the lake water. The water falling from a height of 60 meters and making its way. This natural phenomenon looks absolutely jaw-dropping with green woods beautifying a side of a waterfall.

Kempty fall

Uttarakhand, land full of natural beauty is actually one of the beautiful city free from pollution than other. Kempty fall located in Mussoorie which flow from the great height and people from a different corner of a country come to enjoy this stunning stream of the waterfall. A waterfall is surrounded by the green trees, huge cliff and this soothing environment will actually make you feel awesome.

Thoseghar fall

You can not find waterfalls around the bustling life of the city so for this you have to go through some of the peaceful sights of the land. Thoseghar is remarkably called the pleasure of Western Ghats. Located in the state of Maharashtra this waterfall so beautiful that no one can resist them self to go through a bit.

Dhuandhar fall

This enormous waterfall is given by Narmada river. As weather of monsoon is favorable for enjoying such beauties of nature but this waterfall flows complete year beautifully. The sounds which can be listened to during the fall of water from the height increases the adrenaline rush of each one.

Chitrakote fall

This is widely known as the Niagara fall off India located in Chattisgarh which is among the largest waterfalls.This waterfall flows with the 100 meter of height. The scenic beauty around this place which also add this grandeur of waterfalls shows a pulchritudinous beauty of this land.

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