Common Sense & logic.

This is a trait that you have or not. So about Fire Arms, this is how you have to use logic from a dumb shit like me.

-A fire arm is a weapon/tool, use the wrong way bad things happen.

-I have stick nailer (for building things) holds fifty nails, deadly if used the wrong way.

-RED Stop Sign. Follow the rules, stop, not, people die. Don’t take my drivers privilege away.

-Speed limit is posted. Some people own cars that can drive really fast, why. People die.

-Smart Phones & texting, need I say more. You can have mine if it makes the world safer.

-No more rental trucks, they kill people.

-No more FedX packages, those are scary.

-Fertilizer & diesel fuel, looking to take down a building.

-Mean people that punch people in the face for no reason, everyone stay home.

-Alcohol, mix all the other before mentioned, people die. Do not, I repeat, do not mess with your beer.

This list can go on and on for pages. So common sense & logic would say, why pick on Fire Arms. People are going to kill each other at any age, everyday for a host of stupid ways. Accept this fact. The world we live in.


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