Top 5 current and future technologies of trade show events

Technology is everywhere, from hospitals to educational institutes, from heavy industries to homes, we are surrounded by tech everywhere. Not only this but, the life without this is not simply possible nowadays because we have got so much used to it that now living a tech less life is a nightmare to imagine. Business arena is also greatly affected by a boom of this mechanical advancement. The tasks that were once performed manually are now automated with robots and Artificial Intelligence. Talking of business, we cannot skip events such as conferences, meetings, trade shows, and seminars. All such gatherings are now powered bygadgets and latest technologies. For example, the place of whiteboards to demonstrate and present facts has now been taken by digital projectors. Today in this article we will share a few of the currently trending and future technologies in trade show events.

Software-based event planning solutions:

Planning is the key to any successful achievement. Although it is the most dreadful tasks among the business people and entrepreneurs, it is mighty important. However, technology is now simplifying things for planners who conduct regular and frequent events. There are now available hundreds of event planning software solutions that can be used by the teams to communicate effectively in teams and solve planning problems. These software’s carry some most powerful features that can be used by teams for many dreadful tasks involved in planning.

Mobile phone charging stations:

Gadgets such as smartphoneshave become an essential part of our daily life. We now rely on mobile phones for our day to day and important communications. From a watch to a television, and from making calls to social networking, everything has now been summarized into 6-7 inch gadget. The mobile phone is controlling is our, it is righteous to say so, keeping in mind the addiction it has brought. But it is also true that smartphone batteries last very low especially in such events. Mobile phone charging station is the most beneficial and trendy technology in today’s event planning world as it drags the user’s towards itself.


Smartphone itself is the most important and crucial gadget nowadays in the professional arena. Its portability and ability to process faster than a laptop, is earning tablets special position ahead of laptops in the corporateworld. Apple’s iPad is also a major part of any professional gathering nowadays. It can be used effectively in conferences and seminars as help in the hands of a speaker. Though the price of this extraordinarydevice is also high, it’s worth the usability it provides. Also, there are tons of companies offering iPad Air on lease in bulk quantity for such events and occasions.

Wearable gadgets:

Wearable gadgets are the most recent and trendy innovation. Everyone is ready to get hands-on at these gadgets wherever they find. Good thing is that to entrepreneurs these are available for rental from different AV rental organizations. Also, can be used in multiple of ways during these gatherings as a replacement for paper-based communication.

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