Success Is Up To You

In order to be successful in the current competitive retail sales landscape, where many savvy buyers are searching the Internet for the best pricing/shipping available, more than ever, experienced salespeople need to be aware of trends and efficiencies they can adopt to improve and refine their sales practices. 

From the kitchen table to the call center to the sales floor, salespeople are having to re-focus tried-and-true sales practices. The following 4 tips are good to remember:

Be the leader shoppers look for. No matter how savvy a buyer may be, most often they are looking for leadership when seeking information about the product or service they want. Relative to the number of interested buyers, there are few salespeople in each industry that are truly experts in the products and/or services they sell.

Therefore, know the details of your product or service very well. Be ready for any and all questions. Warning: if you don’t know the answer, don’t fake it. Buyers can sniff out a lie faster than you can make it up. A good response might be, “That’s good questions we both need to know the answer to. I don’t know what the answer is, but I will get it to you today.”

You gain much more respect and trust by admitting you don’t know than if you’re caught in a fabrication.

Be genuine. If you’re only in it for money you’ll make, the buyer can sense that too. If you’re not genuinely interested in helping people get what they’re after then you’ll never be as successful as someone who mixes genuine interest with expertise.

Set expectations for yourself. Set up your plan for tomorrow as the last thing you do today. Give your mind an extra 12 hours of subconscious planning for tomorrow. Be positive and upbeat. Set the expectation of victory in your sales day. On your way into work, instead of listening to talk radio or worse, the news, picture yourself closing a sale, listen to a motivational speaker or pump yourself up by listening to upbeat music. Step into your place of business fully expecting to hit the ball out of the park.

Celebrate success. Within an organization, it’s important to focus not only on the challenges of the current operating environment, but the successes. Make sure you celebrate successes. If you’re a business owner have a plan in place where recognition is a part of sales meetings at least once a month. If you’re an individual salesperson, celebrate yourself. Set a goal to achieve each month. When you achieve it, give yourself an appropriate reward. Doing this will lead to more success.

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