Add spice to your bedroom with exotic dressing table ideas

The section where the dressing table sits is the most favourite corner of the bedroom for all the ladies, after all, it puts on display all their fashion accessories in one place. Arranging the vanity dressers is much more exciting than your normal bedroom furniture. Whether you opt a vintage design or go for a multi-drawer glamour, just have the confidence to flaunt the best. 

Nowadays, built-in types of dressing tables are getting most of the buyers' attention owing to the fascinating designs and architecture. Giving leverage to additional space and a couch makes the piece of furniture complete. So, all the beautiful women out there, here we have compiled some excellent dressing table designs to accessorize your stuff perfectly. The post is vivid and will truly meet your expectations. 

Add spice to your bedroom with a different taste of gorgeous dressing tables. 

  • Durant Dressing Table: This piece of wood earns the benefit of sitting at the top. The sleek design makes it look classy yet subtle at the same time. With ample compartments beside the mirror as well as beneath it, you can keep your beauty regime top secret. It also has a long glass top to view your full self.

  • Laura Dressing Table with Teak Finish: This wooden baby has drawers and drawers all over. From small to large to wide, you can put as much vanity items as you can in there. The design is vogue and will be compatible with other furniture attributes you possess in your bedroom. There is a wide mirror on the top carrying broad wooden borders. In addition to this, many everyday makes up items, which we require on-the-go can be placed on the wide teak finish top.

  • Sefra Dressing Table: For all those who consider large vanity designs a "big no" for the bedroom, can settle for this walnut finished sefra dressing table. This uncomplicated wooden stuff upholds a long quadrilateral-shaped mirror and a single drawer chest at the bottom. The platform is a single piece of wood where you can put your make up counter. The design is quite innovative and smart following the taste of young ladies. 

  • Weston Dressing Unit: This handiwork looks like a study table though, but could be a nice option for the working women who need the beauty stuff available when they are in a rush. It seems like the fashionista has put smart efforts to keep in mind what females of today's generation want. The tiny side blocks set on one side adorn the large mirror, and you can tuck in the chair inside the table as well. Besides this, two big drawers are also available below the platform to put the extra vanity stuff.

  • Baxtor Dressing Table:  This is an uncommon design, which has no frills. Still, it's is a charmer. If you are not a fashionista, this is the table you should go for. Yes, you heard it right. This compact piece won't provide you much room to put your vanity accessories, but it looks ultra-modern at its best. It has a giant mirror covered with broad borders of wood on each side. Single racks are oppositely placed at the top and the bottom, and that's it.

  • Verdict: With large varieties of dressing tables online, making a choice becomes pretty difficult as we have to think of different aspects such as design, colour and the type of other furniture in our room. Undeniably, the innovative styles will pamper you but do not let the pampering affect the practicality. Study your room well and end up with being the proud owner of the best dressing table, which serves every purpose efficiently.   

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