5 Tips to a Warmer Home

As the Big Freeze comes to an end, the UK is recovering from the effects of ‘the Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma. The first days of spring saw the whole country trying to cope with icy temperatures, with multiple schools closing and many of us choosing to stay home following the Met Office’s ‘red’ extreme weather warning.

Staying in means naturally most of us may have used more gas and electric than during a standard 9 to 5 week, leading to many consumers dreading their next energy bill. While wearing a coat indoors might save you money, it’s hardly a preference. So, in hindsight, we put together list of tips to help you ensure your home stays warm without paying over the roof for your gas and electricity.

5 tips to a warmer home

- Block all draughts and make sure your curtains are thick enough to keep the warmth from escaping
- Use a timer on your boiler to control your heating and reduce energy wastage
- Don’t underestimate the benefits of having a hot water bottle!
- Find out if you can get some help with your energy bills, such as Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment
- Use the extra time to compare energy prices and find the cheapest gas and electric deal for your needs. Remember that you can also use price comparison services and websites like https://mycheaperenergy.co.uk/ to save you time!

Even if you think you have already found the cheapest gas and electric tariff out there, it’s never a bad idea to compare gas and electric prices. Comparing energy prices can potentially significantly benefit your budget and leave you with more to spend on some of those home improvements and benefit from enhanced savings!

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