Microsoft Azure Cloud Services: Top 5 Trending Ideas for Cloud in 2018

According to a survey conducted by RightScale in January 2018 on the latest cloud computing trends with a focus on infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service, a clear picture has been generated about both public and private cloud adoption growth with larger enterprises having an increased focus on a public cloud. AWS stands no longer the runaway leader as Microsoft Azure has taken over because of its rapid growth in demand among enterprise users. The cloud has always been in constant motion to serve the needs of ever-growing technology and demands of its clients. The welcoming environment of the cloud platform provided by Microsoft azure cloud services offers the cutting edge of technology while suits different industry requirements.

While opting for cloud services, clients usually have to choose technology over price or vice-versa. They have to compromise service over technology. However, Microsoft azure cloud services assures the users to have a cloud that is both user-friendly and cost-effective in nature. While Microsoft Azure Web Services is firmly holding the top place in the cloud services competition, it is still improving by following the top cloud trends on the market.

There are 5 top cloud trends enlisted here that will be taken care by Azure web services in 2018.

1. Internet of Things: With the change in business dynamics and market requirements, the Internet of Things has boosted the cloud platform in the last few years and has emerged as one of the strongest cloud computing trends. The increased popularity of smartphones and tablets to access the Internet has made the IoT one of the prime topics to be considered by the companies that develop apps. This is the reason, why Microsoft azure cloud services has come up with the idea of location-based services to provide support to their users in developing and deploying apps that are generally location-aware. For richer insights, users can add geographic context with their data and can include dynamic information for fast updating of maps which eventually helps them in fetching information about their customer’s requirements. 

Users can access Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Services that allow them to configure zero-touch device provisioning and automate a process that was previously time and money consuming for the organization. This unique service allows users to provision millions of devices that are registered and configured on the cloud. 

2. Machine Learning and AI: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most prominent cloud computing trends. A better access to both the fields can boost the productivity and improve the products within a rigid timeframe that becomes difficult to compete with. These trends are helpful in reducing the cost constraint of the company too. These are the reasons why Microsoft azure cloud services has been working for the past year to improve accessibility to AI. Azure web services has already launched a preview of its new machine learning services that help companies build smart solutions, arrange the machine learning lifecycle, analyze data efficiently and have a better structure. Azure promises to deliver competitive machine learning with an end-to-end trusted platform to answer the significant cloud trends in the upcoming year. BatchAI has been made available for preview that assures to change the way developers and companies deal with AI and ML. Batch AI promises to assist the developers with intense learning just the way Microsoft’s own developers work with flexibility and scalability. I personally consider this as a very awesome approach.

3. Simplicity of the Cloud: The idea behind preferring Cloud is not only putting data in the air but to avail a tool that is trusted and powerful to access data anywhere and everywhere. Azure web services is comparatively much easy to use because of its well-known interface than Amazon as AWS has an imprint of being a developer-based platform, which leaves the SMBs and other less tech-friendly customers behind. Azure continues to grow by improving accessibility to migration, and other services, such as Virtual Machine on Linux. This simplicity and accessibility will result in making valuable solutions for the Microsoft azure cloud services. 

4. Security Concerns: Undoubtedly, Microsoft azure cloud services is one of the most trustworthy and secured cloud till date. It is popular among millions of customers and is even preferred even the U.S government because of its compliance offerings and encryption solutions. With the advent in technology, evolution in security is a daily thing. Threats and vulnerabilities have become the major concerns related to the data deployed on the cloud. Thus, Security is one of the most important and unavoidable cloud trends for 2018. This is the reason why Azure web services has set various projects in motion with respect to their security as a prime concern, so as to meet the continuously-changing needs of its clients. The Azure Active Directory (AD) pass-through authentication and seamless sign-on features along with the advanced threat analytics and the new Microsoft Authenticator facilitates the users with the high-end security over the cloud. 

5. Edge Computing: The increased popularity of Internet-connected devices and their associated technologies has resulted in Edge Computing. Edge computing has become the latest addition to the cloud trends as it opens up its horizon by helping the user to push the limits of computing applications, data, and services. Companies that want to run applications with real-time services, such as real-time local data analytics can benefit a lot from this trend. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft Azure web services has released a preview of IoT Edge last November which allows the user to run cloud intelligence directly on IoT devices. Edge Computing offers a lot more for companies to do more in less time with their IoT.

By now you would have got an idea about the evolution of cloud and its services that are continually striving to meet the expectations and standards of their respective clients. As the number of customers adopting cloud services is increasing, so is their requirements, struggles and cloud computing trends in order to facilitate something newer and better. Microsoft azure cloud services has put in all the efforts to be at the forefront of those cloud trends in 2018 and is set to deliver the best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

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