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FSSAI License is mandatory for anyone who intends to to food business. This not only involves preparing food but everyone who handles food at various stages before it ultimately reaches the customer like raw materials, manufacturing, processing, packing and the distribution as well as the agencies who have authority to sell them. Having a Food Safety License will instill you and your business with confidence that food you are selling is FSSAI compliant. Once you have food safety license it will be easier to spread the business and create a brand name. Food business can be easily promoted having FSSAI license which gives you distinct advantages which are described below:

The Benefits of an FSSAI License
The Benefits of an FSSAI License

Consumer Awareness:

In this age of information technology, consumers are becoming more aware about food quality and its standard and hygiene. Before purchasing any food from outside consumers prefer to have food which is FSSI compliant which them more assurance in aspect of the food quality, free of any contamination, adulteration. In addition to this, this gives the consumer a valid proof to complain if there is anything wrong with the food which is sold. So with the fear of legal actions there is very less chance of food quality being poor amongst the sellers having food safety license. Thus having a Food Business Registration gives you a clear advantage to increase the consumer base at a faster rate.

Legal Advantage:

Generally all feel that getting a food license must be a tedious job with lot of complications involving paper-work and excess documentation and also time consuming. Also there is this false notion that a lot of money is needed to get a food license. So instead of getting a food license would be a great loss to a new business. But the reality is exactly antithesis(opposite) of this. Food license can be easily obtained by paying nominal fees through various FSSAI License consultantsIn fact, hefty penalty is imposed on the business which is being done without a food license. This cost is very large as compared to getting a Food license which also gives you a authorized registration proof.

Using FSSAI Logo:

FSSAI issues license to only those business which have a minimum hygienic standards. So if you have a food license you can show it on the menu-cards, pamphlets, packing bags etc. FSSAI logo on the food item will give your product a superior quality over others. FSSAI license has a valid FSSAI number which gives customers more assurance about the standard of the food. Nowadays customers purchase only that food item which has a FSSAI logo and a number. So it increases your customer base by a very good margin.

Business Expansion:

Every new business started is desirous to expand its business to new places and explore a new market or a customer base. But starting a business at a new location, the customer should feel safe to purchase a new product. If you possess a valid food license it becomes much easier to expand the business at new areas or open new outlets. In addition to this, it will make it easier to get a loan or any funding required to expand the business as it gives a sense of assurity to the person or bank giving loan.

It is reported that India has over 5 crore food businesses but only 33 lakh out of it have a valid food licenseSo considering, this ratio possessing food license gives a new direction to your business to expand even more and in a short time.

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