cheap G Mount Charger Adaptor

Model: PL-5680
Quad-channel Li-ion Battery Charger
●No restrictions on battery type. Can charge POWERANGE AN and BP batteries at the same time.
●Both D-tap and circular hole can charge
Input: 100~240VAC
Output: 16.8V/2A
Power: 200W
Dimension: 275(L)×220(W)×52(H)mm
Weight: 2500g
Product Price:
Retail Price: EXW$265
Agency Price: Refer to your order
Why buy from us?
1. Our battery cells only Panasonic & Sanyo , high quality cells keep those protection functions of battery overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit more reliable.
2. Optimizing the internal space structure, increase the cell's volume effectively, the biggest extent to use the battery capacity.
3. We offer competitive price base in good quality, do not compare with inferior quality;cheap G Mount Charger Adaptor

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