Some Amazing Styles of Chaise Lounges That You Can Consider

Chaise lounge adds a distinct design element and style in your home. It is perfect for comfortable seating in the living room, office, library, study room and bedroom. It is a functional alternative to a couch or conventional seating. 

They come in a variety of styles, shapes,  materials and designs to blend with the rest of the décor and furniture of your house. Some of the amazing styles of them as follows:


Chair Chaise Lounge: There are some essential key features that represent a chair design in the chaise. This structure is used for indoor and outdoor furniture both and has a well-defined shape of a seat to support your legs. 

Indoor units generally have cushioning to make them feel more luxuriant and comfortable. They may have an adjustable back to increase and decrease the angle of ascension. 

Bench Sofa: This style can take various forms. It has some similarities to a conventional daybed and sometimes it is wider than other variables in this category. It is typically placed on a non-padded and non cushioned structure and may have high ends on both of the sides. Some models have back support, and some are backless. 

Victorian: This type is also called fainting couches. They will have ordinary style. You may be able to discover some restored units from this or buy a new chair with similar design components.  

This style focuses on fancy details like sculpted designs in the base and woodwork, opulent upholstery with fine line finishes and others. These can be some of the most expensive bunch of furniture. If you are choosing modern furniture which has more cost-effective materials.  

French: When it comes to French style, there are three different type of subcategories in this. Each has its unique and distinct design and style. Some manufacturers twinned and improve upon the features of the furniture unit. 

If you want a chaise lounge which has a full, half or no back, then decide which is better for you.

Contemporary: This option generally features a geometric design and can combine components from all of the other choices above. In this type, metal accent and non-conventional colour palates like black, copper and others are included. Also, they sometimes grouped with moderate units. 

The structure of these contemporary options can be backed or backless and either they have one side or two. They come in one piece with a footrest and may have adjustable elements. 

Fainting Couch: This type got its name during the Victorian era. At that time, ladies may have been more prone to regular vague spells and had their isolated room of the home where they kept this chair. 

These lounges are those who have hardly either one or two armrests and a low half or no back. They usually placed against the wall. 

Upholstery: When it comes to indoor furniture, this one option is perfect for you. If you are looking for a seating unit with traditional flare, then consider velvet and complex brocade patterns.


If your taste leads toward contemporary looks, then you should choose linen, chintz, or suede options. You will also have to consider the plushness and thickness of the cushions on your chair. 

The thick and tufted cushion might fit in your living area entirely according to an existing theme. You can also consider a moderate version with slim padding and sleek lines. 

You can have a romantic surrounding in your favourite corner with an upholstered traditional chaise lounge.

 A lavish looking piece can make the room elegant and classy. Select it for its utility, because an additional seating will undoubtedly beneficial for any room as well as it adds sociable atmosphere to it. This furniture piece has an irreproducible style that can give your room a marvellous appeal to contribute a fascinating mood in the room. You can buy it from Wooden Street as they have the huge variety of chaise lounges in different colours, fabrics and materials. 

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