How to layer bedding accessories on a bed like a pro

Beds in magazines and home decor sites create a perfect picture of comfort; they always appear luxurious and plush. The secret behind this is layering. Bedding accessories like sheets, pillows, duvets, throws, quilts etc. help achieve this look. But in reality, it may not be suitable to purchase all the items or maintain a perfectly made bed furniture - especially if there are kids and pets in the home.

A simple solution to this is start with white bedding. By dressing the wooden beds, poster beds or beds with storage with white sheets will always give a clean and crisp look. You can also include extra layers of white duvets to suit weather and season. 

Here are some tips which will guide you to layer the bedding essentials for a sleep-friendly and seasonal looking bed. 

1. Add Colour: Layer a small and lightweight knit blanket over the sheet to provide warmth. Here it will also act as a great base to introduce colour to the bed. Cream ivory, earthy taupe and likes are best, but bright shades like rich charcoal can set a dramatic tone.

If you have duvets, then simply layer the solid wood bed furniture with a throw blanket. Fold it at the foot of the bed and add a dose of texture, colour and warmth to the room.

Another way to add colour to the upholstered or wooden beds is to include decorative pillows. Front the euro shams with a bolster or a square toss pillows. You can change them seasonally for a ravishing touch. 

2. Add pattern: Whether you prefer the simplicity of the quilt or royalness of the comforter, the top layer is perfect to add patterns. If you want to give your bed a cohesive look, go for the plaid, botanical and likes patterns that complement the colour of the solid-coloured blanket. If you want to give some other look, then include solid colour on darker or lighter shades of the blanket and add pattern with the help of accent pillows.

Another great way to add a pattern on the beds is to include folded quilts, blankets or even patterned sheet over the headboard. 

3. Blend several textures: When it comes to creating a designer bed, you must have observed that professionals mix the accessories to obtain a unique and interesting look. For this purpose, you should layer your storage bed, double bed, poster bed etc. with accent pillows and blankets. Look for the faux fur, nubby linen and likes. Soft pops of these textures will help add depth to the bedroom.

4. Opt for custom bedding: Sometimes it is just hard to find out the right style and colour of bedding accessories, according to the bed. So skip the store and create your bedding in your favourite fabric. You can opt for patterned silk and pair them with less-expensive fabric. When making the bed, folding back the duvet to reveal a silk coverlet lends an inviting and soft feel.You can also include a soft coordinating pillow having flower prints to amplify the look.

5. Dress the floor: Bed linens are not only the ways to give the bed a classic and designer look. Place a colourful and patterned rug beneath the online bed to give the feet a soft and comfortable place to land.

These are some tips which will help you to dress your bed amazingly. Try them and give your bedroom a luxurious and ravishing look. A properly dressed bed is an essential furniture piece to give the bedroom a stylish decor. They are the pieces which provide a comfortable spot to sleep and relax. 

If you are planning to buy a bed online then purchase it from an online furniture store. This is because, they apart from providing an inventory of options to choose from, also provides various value-added benefits like customization facility, free delivery etc.

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