6 Best Places in World to spot marine life

Visiting the marine life as a part of your exciting Dubai honeymoon packages  Consider yourself lucky, as you are about to meet the most significant contributors of the ecosystem. Yes, the ocean creatures. So be it visiting Sri Lanka to observe the marine life with family, or traveling as a part of your Andaman honeymoon packages, you are sure to have abundance of the unique experience!

1. Dubai Marine Life

After years of unruly water life in Dubai, it has now recovered especially at the Palm Jumeirah.So it's time again to hit the waters in Dubai and make the most of the retrieved marine life.  Sea-turtles, dolphins and dugongs are the highlights of the fantastic marine life of Dubai. Enjoy this destination with your loved one if you are on your honeymoon, or with your family.

With the ecosystem brought back to its original balance, you are going to experience great weather in late spring and early autumn.  

2. Andaman Marine Life

Wishing to enjoy this summer? Andaman's perfect weather for this vacation will pull you into its breeze of exhilaration. Grab this opportunity if you are with the family or include this in your luxurious Andaman honeymoon tour package as it offers many sports that you can together enjoy and make the family picture frame immaculate.

With the availability of 560 species in the Andaman Sea, you are bound to see Sponges, Crabs, worms, parrotfish, Clownfish and aquatic plants that you have never heard of and all this just at the depth of 5 meters. However, collecting corals is a punishable offense in Andaman.  

3. Sri Lanka Marine Life

Encompassing water all around, Sri Lanka has a mighty marine life. Double the fun with the Sri Lanka Marine life especially when you are on your honeymoon! The tranquility of the place with the gushing sound of about 103 rivers and countless waterfalls, Sri Lanka becomes the most sought after destination when you want to experience solace in the best company!

Love of life, with the dainty water life is a lethal combination where you make nothing but memoirs of togetherness.

4. Great Barrier Reef

With the waters in the background and Australian blue sky, you are going to have the time of your life at the Great Barrier Reef. It is deemed to be the largest natural feature of the Earth and is stretched over 2300 km along the Northeast coast of Australia.

Here you will dwell and dive with the savage sharks and dainty seabirds. One dive into the Great Barrier Reef and you will be enraptured with the bewitching water.

5. Solomon Island

Dive with the most newly discovered species of fish here and have the most heartfelt experience. Come with family or take a tour with your soulmate, broadcast them the efficacious part that the marine life plays in conserving nature. Plenty of water sports opportunity; you may snorkel and become a marine photographer here. The sight of the plants and diversity in the species of fish will oblige you to click them relentlessly.

6. Gulf of Thailand

Thailand is the most ideal destination with pristine white sands to get an experience with exquisite marine creatures. You may plunge to indulge into Scuba Diving even when you don't know how to swim and dive with the most magnificent oceanic creatures.

Not only you get to see them, but also can photograph them if you want to propagate the vitality of this sport that might appear complex, but is rather easy. Go ahead and be charmed by the marine life offered in the Gulf of Thailand.  

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