Leading Schemes of HDFC Mutual Funds in 2018

HDFC is the fastest growing AMC in India. It was launched in 1999 and has reached the milestone of Rs 3 Lakh crore as assets under management in 2018. The reason behind its glorious development is the variety of innovative schemes it has provided to the investors. Investors can invest in mutual fund schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund by connecting with MySIPonline where they can also get the best advice from the financial experts. Some of the top performing funds managed by HDFC MF are described below:

Top Performing Schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund

  1. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunity Fund (G): As per the name, the fund aims to generate a long term capital appreciation to the investors by investing predominantly in equity instruments of mid-cap companies. It has provided an annualised return of 20.5% in 2 years and 26% in 5 years. The fund is managed by Mr Chirag Setalvad and Mr Rakesh Vyas. Both of them are highly experienced and qualified. They target equity instruments of mid-cap companies in finance, manufacturing, automotive, engineering, and technology sector. (data as on 11 June 2018)

  2. HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund (G): It is a large-cap fund which has recently performed well and is on the rise. It has generated an annualised return of 16.5% in 2 years and 15.9% in 5 years. Since inception in September 2000, it has generated 17.81% annualised returns. The fund is managed by Mr Srinivas Rao Ravuri and Mr Rakesh Vyas. They invest more than 90% of the corpus in equity instruments of companies of finance, oil & gas, and engineering sectors. (data as on 11 June 2018)

  3. HDFC Top 100 Fund: It is large-cap fund which was earlier known as HDFC Top 200 Fund when it has a small proportion of the corpus invested in mid-cap companies. Now, it has more than 90% of the corpus invested in equity instruments of top 100 companies, i.e., large-cap companies. It has generated annualised return of 15.4% in last 5 years, and since its inception in September 1996, it has generated an annualised return of 20.21%. The fund is managed by Mr Prashant Jain and Mr Rakesh Vyas who are highly experienced and post graduates of reputed institutions, IIM Bangalore and XLRI Jamshedpur, respectively. Finance sector companies are primary targeted to invest in this fund. (data as on 11 June 2018)

  4. HDFC Capital Builder (G): It is a top performing multi-cap fund offered by HDFC Mutual Fund which has generated 19.2% annualised return in 2 years and 20.4% in 5 years. It has high orientation towards large-cap companies and has 60-70% corpus allocated in it. 20-30% is in mid-cap companies and a small proportion in small-cap companies to get the maximum returns. The fund is managed by Mr Miten Lathia and Mr Rakesh Vyas. (data as on 11 June 2018)

Go through the official website of MySIPonline to invest in the top performing schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund. The financial experts at MySIPonline provide the best guidance throughout the investment process and help to choose the best schemes suitable for the investor.

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