How to Calculate Returns with the Help of SIP Calculator?

When you want to take your savings and investments to the next level, you need a tool which can help you to determine the end corpus. Therefore, the experts at MySIPonline brings you the SIP calculator. This is an advanced tool that helps you to know the expected amount of investments at the end of tenure. The calculator uses the high school mathematics to let you know all the details regarding your investments. This becomes helpful for many investors, who have no idea which formula does the financial experts use in calculating your savings.

How to use SIP Calculator?

Suppose, as an investor, you want to invest the amount of Rs 5,000 on a monthly basis for the period of 5 years. You are expecting an annualised return of 17%. Therefore, the total amount invested is:

5,000*12*5= Rs 3.0 Lakh

The expected amount at the rate of 17%= Rs 4,74,535

Hence, the wealth gained by you is Rs 174,535. 

All you need to enter are the details of your particular investment in the mutual fund SIP calculator, so it will provide you with the amount you will get at the end.

With all this, the SIP planner will also provide you with the details of which kind of investor you are. Suppose, you have been expecting the return at the rate of 17%, so you are an aggressive investor. Therefore, you may invest 80% of the amount in equity funds and the rest 20% in the hybrid category funds. 

Not just this, the investors also get to know the top recommended funds, that are suggested at the bottom of SIP calculator. You may select any fund from the listed funds, or you may also connect with our financial experts via call or email at MySIPonline.

Role of SIP Calculator:

Financial planning is everyone’s top priority. Therefore, you always hunt for the tools that assist you in making the best by analyzing the exact returns and make your investments successful. 

Besides, there are many investors, who keep doing complex mathematical calculations to reach the returns. But the SIP investment calculator has made it very simple even for a novice investor. you can use it easily, without doing any complicated calculations. 

Attain your Goals by Investing Through SIP:
By investing through the systematic investment planning mode, the investor can reach their financial goals easily. The small amount that is invested every month gets compounded and provide you large corpus at the end of tenure. 

In this, the SIP calculator helps you to know how much amount you need to invest every month to reach your aim. It will provide you with all the details that as an investor you need to know, that is, what kind of investor you are, aggressive, moderate or conservative. Or what amount of money needs to be invested, etc. 

The SIP return calculator of MySIPonline is designed by financial experts to provide you hard calculations in easy mode. All you need to do is invest so you can enjoy the life without worrying about the finances.

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