Smart Tips and tricks to style your nest of tables

If you live in a small house then definitely your coffee table, dining table and console table are always occupied by the bundle of papers and some bills? If you are looking for the furniture unit which does not only add a style to your place but also can be used as a separate unit when needed. Then nest of tables are a perfect and ultimate solution to this issue. 

The nest of tables are the small set of tables which are progressing in size and can be stacked over each other without any harm. These tables are not only a specific place to keep the stuff like cups and remotes; these are more than that. 

So, get ready to make the tables pretty and useful as your home. Check out some tips for smashing nest of tables.

Add layers: 

The first thing to consider when decorating any furniture unit is layering. If tall layer and a short layer of things are added on the nest of tables these will look beautiful and full. 

Statement lamp: 

Lighting plays a vital role in decorating the space, so don't hesitate to place a big lamp or statement lamp on the nesting tables. It will not only add light to your place but will also act as a decorative piece.

Beautiful Blooms: 

Artificial or real flowers are the best and fun ways to bring royalty and freshness to the home. Place a flowers vase on the nest of tables and give your space a charming appeal. These will provide colour, aroma and seasonal change to the room.

Metallic Touch:

If you have a glass table top nesting tables in your living space, then add a touch of luxury to it by placing knick-knacks having gold, silver or copper touch. These will be the real attraction in the room.


For a romantic and simple look, you can add some candles to the table and fill the air of the living room with colourful and good scents. Candles come in a variety of sizes, aroma and designs, so these are perfect to decorate the nest of tables beautifully.

Large Pieces: 

Go for the big trinkets when you are planning to style your nest of tables. For example, you can opt for corals or antique items etc. These will take up space and will provide some interesting pattern and texture to the room.

Green Plants: 

For a refreshing and unique change, add house plants to the table and give your space an interesting look.

Charging point: 

You can use these tables as a bedside table. Place your i-pads and mobile phones and other bedside essentials on it. The tables here will act as a dedicated and pretty resting place and will also save space beautifully.

Storage for remote: 

Living room is incomplete without a sofa and remote controllers. So, instead of losing them in the couch, give them a dedicated place on the stylish and fantastic wooden or other material nest of tables.

Use them as stacks: 

If you are a book lover, then stack your favourites and magazines on the nesting tables. This is because these make a great conversation starter and adorns the space amazingly.

Family Photos: 

Another interesting way to add some style to the nesting tables is to place some photo frames on it. This will not only add grace to the room but will also remind you of good memories whenever you see them.

Colour Pop:

Putting a nice pop and contrast of vibrant colour to the nest of tables that will surely get you more compliments on your styling skills than you think.

Decorate your nesting tables beautifully with the amazing and different knick-knacks and gift your home a fabulous decor. Nest of tables are versatile and helps to provide a charming look to your space. So, place them in your unused and small space and give your home a fascinating and inviting look.

They are the most stylish and bold furniture pieces that can be added to the corner of any room in the house. You can buy them online from Wooden Street as they have beautiful collection of nesting tables. You will have an option of customization here. 

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