Which are the best audit firms in Dubai for VAT registration in UAE?

Tax codes could be a difficult nut to crack thanks to the complexity of language and prospect of ‘fee’ on income involved. With VAT registration in UAE kick starting from 1st of January, 2018, more and more people and corporation are seeking out audit firms in Dubai that can help them out with VAT registration in UAE. Are you one among them?

While most audit firms in Dubai are focused entirely on getting an insight on internal control weaknesses, compliance to laws, risk assessments and fraudulent practices, Integrity Consulting also engages in the assisting clients seeking professional assistance related to VAT registration in UAE.

Advantages of association

·         Assistance in procurement and maintenance of VAT related documents and statements – we believe in rendering complete assistance when it comes to your companies’ VAT registration in UAE and this involves assistance in maintaining and sourcing out relevant documents and statements as well.

·         Tracking and providing Timely updates – regular communication is the key in almost any business transaction. Tracking policy changes and providing timely updates to the clients is necessary to avoid being hit with penalties. Being one of the best audit firms in Dubai, we make it our endeavor to keep you updated with latest developments.

·         Hassle free VAT registration in UAE – VAT is a new concept in UAE and it can get particularly tricky to get yourself registered on your own, thanks to the complex nature of tax codes. Integrity consulting offers assistance is smoothing your experience of VAT registration in UAE.

·         Consultation regarding auditing and VAT compliance – auditing is important not just from your companies’ policy point of view but is also necessary to help you avoid penalties by rooting out unfair and missing documents and statements. Being one of the premier audit firms in Dubai, we not just help you out with internal audits and accounting but also help you maintain VAT compliances.

·         VAT planning – nothing is permanent in taxation system. Courtesy its complex jargon, many end up paying more tax than they ought to. We, at Integrity Consulting, also provide inputs to plan your VAT compliances in a better way, maximizing concurrence and minimizing revenue loss.

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