Why is government job better than private job?

You may have heard from many people around that you should go for government job. It is because people find it beneficial for their living. It makes life easy and comfortable if you have a government job. It is a must to prepare for the aptitude test to qualify for the government jobs before you call for an interview and some medical tests to finalize you as the right candidate. The benefits of the government jobs are many that will convince you to have one to make your life easy.

It is permanent and reliable

Once you have got a PPSC job or any other government job you are the permanent employee to the government and will work till 60 years of your life. No one can kick you out of the job for small reasons until you have done something terribly wrong. Private jobs are usually at risk as the boss has the authority to say you goodbye for any reason and sometimes without reason. In government job you are not accountable to any boss and no one can rusticate you.

The medical benefits

The medical facilities at the government hospitals are totally free for not only the employees but also for their families. They will not have to pay for the medications and any other treatment at the government hospitals.

Benevolent Fund

It is the educations fund given as scholarship to the children of government employees when they go for higher education. It is another benefit as you get a yearly amount to meet the educational needs of your children.

Less job timings than private job

It does not require you to work 8 hours per day to get your salary rather you can a very good amount for working for 6 hours per day. You get free by 2pm or maximum 4pm while private companies sometimes let you go home late at night.

The pension benefit

It is the most admire benefit of the government job in Pakistan as you get your basic pay regularly for the rest of your life and the worry to have money for living in the remaining years of your life has gone away. Although the insurance companies have solved this problem of those doing private job as they can have a policy to save an amount monthly or yearly as their pension that they will receive when they leave their job just like pension but still government jobs are the best option for many.

Private jobs are usually at risk as the boss has the authority to say you goodbye for any reason and sometimes without reason. happy wheels game, moto x3m,

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