Do's And Don'ts After A Hair Transplant Surgery

Believe it or not, baldness can be a hindrance at times to the success of a man in today's world. While there is absolutely nothing that suggests that bald men are not attractive or confident but there are also some among them who prefer not to be bald for life and would always prefer to have a full head of hair.

The good news is there are many ways to treat accelerated baldness and receding hairline like hair transplant surgery. The best thing is that you can get hair transplant at phenomenal low costs by making a customized and comparative search online on Google such as “hair transplant in India”.

Surgical hair restoration or hair transplant is a procedure in which hair follicles are collected from parts of the body (referred to as the donor site) and then transferred to balding parts of the body (referred to as the recipient site). In recent times, more and more men are turning to hair transplants and it is essential given this rise that they should know exactly what to do after the procedure. This is primarily because compliance with instructions is critical to faster return to daily routines and a successful hair transplant.

Here are a few important tips to follow after the hair transplant procedure to redeem your crowning glory:


·       It is extremely important for you to have someone drive you home after the hair transplant procedure. This is because the anesthetic sedative that will be administered to you for relieving pain and help you relax during the entire procedure usually takes time to wear off. Therefore, it is not in your best interests and of others on the road to drive yourself home.

·       It is suggested that you must have the clinic and surgeon's number so that they can be contacted if a need arises. Usually, there are no side effects or emergencies after a hair transplant procedure but still it is always better to stay on the precautionary side.

·       You must note down or remember all the instructions passed on to you by the clinic or surgeon for post-operative hair transplant care. This will help you to get best possible results.


·       It is important for you NOT to expose yourself to direct sunlight for a few days after the hair transplant procedure.

·       It is quite normal to experience a little itching or some soreness but you should avoid touching or fidgeting with the newly-grafted scalp. Rubbing or picking at the sore scalp may lead to the new grafts falling out before they could grow.

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