Reviewing Different Technologies

Technologies are all around us. Today, we are seeing the concept of autonomous cars. Moreover, we have smart phones that support 4G (4th Generation) mobile technology (tech). Computers have proven to be a blessing for us, as it has made various tasks simpler for us. Today we have AI (Artificial Intelligence) software. Today, companies are investing billions on Virtual Reality. No doubt that current era is a period of technological breakthroughs.


Let us review different technologies:


1.      Driverless Cars: The concept of driverless car is new. Driverless car is also known as a self-driving or autonomous car. Such a car is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. Driverless car combines a variety of techniques to detect its surroundings including radar, laser light, GPS (Global Positioning System), odometry, and computer vision.


2.      Smart Phones: Smart phones are famous among people on the earth. You can call it a handheld personal computer. These phones possess extensive computing capabilities encompassing high-speed access to the internet using both Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and mobile broadband. Smartphones support Bluetooth and satellite navigation. Modern smartphones have touchscreen facility.

3.      Computers: Computers are not a new technology, but you cannot ignore their importance. Computers help us perform day to day task with ease. We can play games on computers, watch movies, and even listen to the audio song. There are various software for computer that aids us to perform various tasks. Computer is a handy invention, and new versions of computers are inventing as the days are passing by.


4.      Virtual Reality (VR): VR has made it possible for us to experience anything, anywhere, and anytime. It is an immersive type of reality technology. In order to experience virtual reality, head mounted displays are used with headphones and hand controllers. The technology giants including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are investing billions of dollars to the technology, Virtual Reality.


5.      AI (Artificial Intelligence) Software: AI software exist today. Intelligent application can be built from scratch with the assistance of AI software. Moreover, deep learning is also supported by AI software. Many software comes into the market with AI features. Deep learning capabilities, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition are features of Artificial Intelligence software.


What have you inferred from the above reviews? Technology has made our lives simpler and convenient. Today we can perform difficult task with ease, and you need to give thanks to technology for that. In a nutshell, technological breakthroughs have resulted in our betterment

Author Bio:

Alina Olive is a “Marketing Executive” of Academic Paper Writing, and she works in a private organization. She also works as a part-time ‘Writer’ in a Software House. As a writer, she has created hundreds of articles. The main focus of her articles is on technological breakthroughs, because she is a technology addict.


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