Which Are the Top Recommended SBI Mutual Funds?

Sponsored by the State Bank of India, SBI Mutual Fund is a joint venture between SBI and Amundi Asset Management Company, was launched in the year 1992. The fund house has an AUM of Rs 233114.00 Cr as on Jun 30 2018, is offering various funds for different financial goals. Some of the top funds recommended by the financial analysts of MySIPonline offered by the fund house are discussed as under:

1. SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund (G)

The fund was launched in the year 2005 has an AUM of 5413.69 Cr as on 30 Jun 2018, with an expense ratio of 2.43%. It is a moderately-high risk fund offers capital appreciation in the long run. It has generated the annualised returns of 12.93% since its launch. The alpha generated by SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund is 1.33% on the basis of the past three years returns as provided on June 30, 2018. 

The compounded returns delivered by the fund in the past five years were 22.10%, which has beaten its benchmark, S&P BSE 500 Index as well as category average. The annualised returns of the fund also outperformed its benchmark and peers. 

Currently, it is managed by Mr Anuj Upadhyay. He follows the bottom-up approach for selecting any company across the market cap. However, he has joined the fund in February 2017; therefore, he is still in the eyes of investors, that’s how the fund will perform under his convictions.

2. SBI Small Cap Fund (G)

Launched in the year 2009, the fund has generated the returns of 20.24% since then. The AUM of the fund is Rs 792 Cr as on Jun 30, 2018, with an expense ratio of 2.74%. The fund is delivering superior returns currently, and highest returns of it were in the year 2014 with 110.66%, respectively.

SBI Small Cap Fund has generated the alpha of 6.63% in the past three years, as provided on June 30, 2018, by the financial experts of MySIPonline. The compounded returns of the fund of the past five years were 33.08%, which are 10% higher than its benchmark S&P BSE Small Cap Index, as well as the category average.

The fund is currently managed by Mr R Shrinivasan, and having the NAV of Rs 51.4163 as on July 27, 2018. He follows the blend of growth and value investing approach, and picks up companies by the bottom-up approach. Its a moderately high-risk fund, offering capital appreciation to investors in the long run. 

3. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund (G)

One of the oldest funds of industry launched in the year 1995, SBI Equity Hybrid Fund has an AUM of Rs 24,959 Cr as on Jun 30, 2018, with an expense ratio of 2.36%. It is an aggressive hybrid category fund, as it invests significantly in equity and equity-related securities. 

Following CRISIL Hybrid 35 + 65 – Aggressive Index as its benchmark, it has generated the returns of 16.32% since inception. It has generated the alpha of 0.73% in the past three years as provided on June 30, 2018. The five year compounded returns of the fund was 17.91%, which has outperformed its benchmark as well as the category. 

The fund is co-managed by Mr R Shrinivasan and Mr Dinesh Ahuja. They both believe in diversification, thus invest in the high growth companies in diversified sectors.

All these above-listed SBI Mutual Fund plans are delivering good returns in the long run. The track records of the fund house say that it is offering high-quality customer services. You can invest in these funds via SIP and lumpsum. For more information, connect with our experts at MySIPonline.

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