5 great hookah hacks every hookah user should try

Having issues with your hookah? Things might not be going as you have planned or maybe it's just sheer bad luck. Many people will suggest to change your hookah setup and getting some new items will do the trick. But, it is not necessary to buy new equipment in order to enhance your hookah experience. Instead, have a look at these easy and cheap hookah hacks, and you will wonder why you didn't think of them in the first place.

Note: These Hookah hacks are collected by some of the best London shisha lounges. These are the things they do to keep their hookah equipments and flavors fresh always.

Freeze your hose before using it

Chilled smoke is the best way to enjoy a hookah session, but adding ice to the bowl can be a lot of hassle. A sudden change in temperatures can cause cracks in the bowl and be breaking the ice down to fit in the bowl's mouth. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy the experience, just put your hose in the freezer for a while, and you have a quick fix for getting chilled smoke. Just be sure you have a good quality hose, as cheap ones can break if you cool them.

Use double foil for extra hot coal

Burned flavours and coils are a common sight with regular hookah users, but for the beginners, it can be a rather big issue to solve sometimes. Well, there is a quick and easy fix, just double the foil on top of your existing foil for quick and easy heat maintenance. Just make sure that the gap between the foil and bowl is minimum as then it can take time for your flavour to heat up.

Use water and vinegar to clean the hookah base

Cleaning the hookah after every use is a must but using soap and brush can be a hectic task if you are a regular smoker. That doesn't mean you should not clean your hookah frequently, try using some white vinegar and water to clean the parts. Just add a spoonful vinegar in fresh water and rinse the base with it.

Clean the hose and stem with lukewarm water

After a hookah session washing your hose and stem is a must, but cleaning them is not easy if you don't know the trick. Just run them through the lukewarm water as it prevents smoke residue from building up inside your hose and makes it last longer. Just keep in mind that you hose is washable.

Seal the loose connections with electrical tape

This tip is amongst the most obvious, but still many new hookah users never think of this. This is nothing feel bad about if you didn't think of this earlier, but it does make so much sense if you have a loose piece that is letting the smoke escape. Simply cover it up snuggly with electric tape. This is not a permanent fix, the tape will eventually loosen up, and you will have to redo it. But it will last you a few sessions for sure. This trick also works on hoses when they have holes that have become much too apparent.

So these are a few hacks that can make you hookah sessions better. For many beginners, some of these problems make the hookah experience to take a nosedive, as they don't have a clue how to fix these.

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