Five Techniques That Can Help You Write Perfect Answers During Examinations

Appearing in exams is difficult and stressful for most students in spite of the fact that they prepare a lot for it. It does not matter whether it’s a written exam or viva, revising what you have studied throughout the year is the way to succeed. But along with this, one has to know how to attempt the answers. During this time, students suffer from a high level of stress that lowers their concentration and the ability to recall things. So, here we have shared some simple tips that can help you write the exam paper in such a way that the examiner would not resist from grading it well:

1. Opt for test series
Practicing modal question papers is an ideal way for getting prepared for examinations. Most exams are based on a definite pattern, and online test series are developed after analyzing the past trends. So, by practicing them, you will get to know which topics are important. Moreover, it will help you develop a better strategy to attempt the final exam. For example, by practicing the modal question papers of Mathematics, you can find out that it’s better to try the objective questions, before attempting the subjective ones as the latter may eat up a lot of time.

2. Read all questions carefully
After getting the question paper in the examination hall, most students rush toward writing the answers one by one, without wasting any time. This is a faulty attitude as in this way, students fail to manage their time appropriately. Moreover, sometimes they are in so much hurry that they do not understand the meaning of the questions well and write inappropriate answers. If you find yourself familiar with such habits, then stop this from now. And, you need to understand that students are generally given more questions in exams than what they can attempt. So, you should not waste your time on trying each of them. Instead, it would be wise to point out the ones that you find simple to solve, and plan your time accordingly.

3. Structure your answer
As soon as you read a question, do not jump on to writing it. Instead, draw a rough sketch that would consist the main points and sub-points of your answer. After this, plan your answer on the basis of the word limit prescribed in the question. While writing your answer, you should stay focused on the topic. While it’s true that adding some facts and statistical data can make your explanation more interesting, you should not write anything that is useless in the context of the question.

4. Explore all sides of the topic
Many questions that we attempt in the exam seem straightforward, but they want the student to explore a wide range of ideas. In case there could be more than one opinions on a matter, you should start by writing the pros and cons, before concluding with the one that you find most appropriate. Make sure you write enough arguments to support your points.

5. Review your answers
Students should not hand over their answer sheets without checking it properly. They should stop writing five minutes before the end time and scan their answers well to correct any grammatical or spelling mistake. Moreover, they can also add an extra point that is worth mentioning.

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