Why was Xenon so much eye-catching

The Xenon project announced that their XNN tokens (from the blockchain of EOS project forks) have become the most widely held ERC tokens in the world.
The Xenon coin is a blockchain from the EOS project fork. The project announced their tokens in 2017, XNN, which became the world's most widely held ERC token currency.

The EOS project is a major development that contributes to the development of blockchain technology. It is also designed as a blockchain of people with various public addresses, but it has encountered problems with scaling and other issues that hamper the necessary development of encryption in the future. The Xenon project is an enterprise blockchain platform that forks from the original EOS project. It is now the most widely used ERC token in the world, with more than 757,000 addresses being recognized by new tokens.

Most of these new XNN tokens (Native Xenon cryptocurrency) are dropped to Ethereum and even Bitcoin users. The Xenon airdrop is in line with the Xenon project concept, which is taken from its parent EOS blockchain. They want to spread something comprehensive and prove that they don't need more money through another ICO. The general scope of application is very important for this project, and they hope to continue building on this basis.

This is an unusual proposition, but it is not unheard of. For example, when Ripple starts, most of its 80 billion XRP tokens are commonly obtained in a similar manner. Once people own these coins and start to realize the usefulness of the new currency, they start trading it and even use it to pay. This has led Ripple to become the third most popular cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Xenon also started in the same way, but its goals were very different from Ripple's goals. For Xenon, it is a way of gaining public recognition, and because of this approach, it will definitely become news.

These 757000 token holders now have more than 300 million XNN tokens. Xenon value was currently close to $15 million and is expected to increase in the future. The large distributed new network is supported by the open source software of the parent company EOS.

According to Xenon CEO Andrew Kong:

'We believe that distribution and adoption are the most important factors determining the success of a blockchain project. We are determined to have this token in the hands of as many people as possible at the launch of the blockchain in 2018. Already, our token is seven times more widely held than the EOS ERC-20 token, and we are excited by the potential of our future plans to continue this massive dissemination.'

The team plans to allocate more tokens in the future. Xenon has a hard Xenon supply cap of 1 billion tokens, which means that only 30% of the total supply has been shared so far.

Based on the evidence held, Bitcoin users will share more 20% of the shares. Based on evidence from a personalized approach, another 20% of these tokens will be distributed among encrypted users. A large portion of the new cryptocurrency will be released on the new token as an incentive-based development effort.
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