Where can I buy a kid's bunk bed in Mumbai/India?

Bunk beds: The bunk beds are unique designs for your kids and your compact-sized room. In these beds, two or more than two beds are stacked each other and save the floor space of the room. 

The two or more people can sleep on this bed comfortably and efficiently. These beds are popular for the kid's room, and hostels as space are always compact in these areas. 

Kids always love bunk beds as they like to always climb and jump on the sofa and beds. These beds have stairs, and this thing attracts the kids to climb the bed with their siblings. 

You should know the benefits of bunk beds, here these are:

1) Saves Space

Bunk beds always save the room space as these are stacked each other and work as a double bed in the room. It is designed for the kid's bedroom as they love its charming and attractive designs. 

One can get bunk beds with storage too. You can place all the additional accessories like toys, bedding stuff etc. It saves a lot of space in the room and makes it look spacious. 

2) Looks Attractive

Bunk beds look endearing enough to attract kids. The ladder is there, for connecting the two beds and climbing the upper bed. 

These beds look stylish and become favorite unit of kids, as they find adventure in it. The small ladder with storage boxes or without storage boxes looks endearing and enhances the beauty of the bed and room. 

3) Saves the money

The space saver bed saves your money too. It solves the purpose of a double bed in the best price deals plus gives you all the same facility as simple double beds. 

It has storage too like the double bed and allows two or more people to sleep at the same time. 

4) It is flexible

The nature of the bunk beds is flexible, as if you want to change the position and look of the bunk beds, it can be easily converted into the shape you want. These come with a facility to make them a double bed by joining the beds. 

You can add and remove the upper and lower bed as per the need and choice. You have the flexibility to change the looks and uses of the bunk beds accordingly. 

5) They are for everyone

The bunk beds are not only for kids; these can be used for adults too. These are used in hostels, dormitories and hospitals too. The adults can also sleep on them comfortably without any difficulty. 

6) They have enough storage space

The bunk beds have enough storage space for all the additional accessories in the room like books, toys and other things. These have storage under the mattress and on the sides of the bed. You don’t have to worry about storing the stuff as you have enough drawers and storage space in your bunk beds.

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