Keys to Car Buying #4

Welcome back. So far we’ve covered:

  1. Stay Aware and In-Command.

  2. Come Prepared.

The third tip is probably the most important of the 4 tips for keeping your head squarely on your shoulders:

Beware the Signing Booth! I’m very serious. If you take only one tip from this blog on ‘Car Buying Tips’, take this one!

90% of a dealership’s profit is made AFTER you’ve committed to the sale. Let me say that again, 90% of a dealer’s profit is made in the signing booth after you’ve agreed on the price of the car; 90%!

When they walk you back to the signing booth, imagine a funeral dirge playing as the soundtrack to your journey. That nicely attired person with the great welcoming personality sitting behind the desk will stand to shake your hand and say, “Aren’t you glad THAT’s over? Take a seat and we’ll get you right back into that brand new car.” This is the room where they truly do “rip your head off”. One last time, 90% of the profit comes to the dealer in this room.

Please remember this word: “NO”. Repeat it with me, “NO”. This word is your friend. Say it again, “NO”. Very good.

Say “NO” to EVERYTHING they offer you in that room. They will try to guilt you, scare you, badger you, and cajole you into saying yes. They will turn their computer monitors toward you and with beautiful displays show you how and why this item here makes the most sense for you now, before you get out on the road. Just say “NO”. You’ll thank me.

Until tomorrow…


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