P.E.A.K. Performance #5

Yesterday, I introduced the third key characteristic in ascending to the heights of your P.E.A.K. Performance practices: authenticity. We learned that authenticity is about being transparently genuine. That it means aligning your head, mouth, heart, and feet in unison with thought, speaking, feeling, and doing in the same consistent behaviors. That by doing so we build trust and devotion in others.

Being truly authentic means:

  1. Knowing yourself and being comfortable in your own skin

  2. Having the strength of character to present yourself honestly and openly to others without reservation, embarrassment or hidden truths.

  3. Approaching relationships from a place of genuine respect and acceptance.

  4. Displaying both confidence and vulnerability. This meaning being confident in who you are and your position in life, while being vulnerable; knowing there is strength in being so.

If you lack authenticity, it means you’re not open and honest, or transparent in your presentation of self. If you come off as fake, it will cost you big time. Others will sense it and back away emotionally. This is true in both personal and professional relationships, both of which are critical to your peak performance!

Final thought: Don’t mistake authenticity as weakness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Authenticity allows you to stand most confidently in the truth and knowledge of your strengths and abilities while remaining open to learn and grow in all aspects of your life. When others sense or see this quality in you, their respect for your directness and honesty will skyrocket. Those in authority above you in the workplace will appreciate your willingness to develop your skillset.

Until tomorrow then…


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