P.E.A.K.Performance #6

We’re nearing the summit or your P.E.A.K. Performance practices! There’s one last key characteristic to master. So far we’ve had a chance to understand how our personality and our passion combine with enthusiasm and emotion to drive us and others in achieving our greatest in all things. We’ve also learned how truly transparent authenticity allows us to stand confidently in the truth and knowledge of our strengths and abilities while remaining open to learn and grow in all aspects of our lives. That by doing so, others are drawn to our directness and honesty and are more open to our genuine nature.

The final key characteristic in ascending to your P.E.A.K. is: K – for KNOWLEDGE



Hopefully you are reading these installments in the order they were written. In the third installment, I wrote about enthusiasm. How enthusiasm eclipses knowledge; how it raises others up to our level of excitement through its contagious nature. The quote I gave was, ‘Knowledge is power, but Enthusiasm pulls the switch.’ That is true.

But unfortunately, that doesn’t work long term. It works in the beginning because everything is new. We’re starting fresh on a new endeavor and attracting others in our journey. But in the long term, if you turn away from building your knowledge base, you restrict yourself in what you can achieve and the impact you can realize. Like the beginning of it says, ‘Knowledge is Power.” The more you learn and the more you know, the more confident you will be in reaching for more. The power of your ability and influence springs from your passionate, enthusiastic pursuit to achieve your best. Combining this with transparent authenticity and leadership based in the knowledge you gain in your journey, create the contagious momentum that brings you to the peak of your success. With this in mind, knowledge really is power. But it’s power born of passion and enthusiasm to authentically realize it.

Therefore, educate yourself. Always seek higher learning. Educating yourself keeps you mentally fit. Education equals a strong and sure future!

Margie E. Lachman, a psychologist at Brandeis University who specializes in aging, wrote: “Education seems to be an elixir that can bring us a healthy body and mind throughout adulthood and even a longer life,” No argument here.

Your overall success is built on a passionate pursuit of knowledge. To enthusiastically educate your mind in higher knowledge pertaining to your goals.

Knowledge is not only power, it’s confidence. Confidence in our ability to tackle any obstacle we face. Knowledge is understanding how we can best serve others while achieving the summit of our personal pursuits in life and business.

There you have it. The four key characteristics to achieving the summit of your best performance; Passion, enthusiasm, authenticity and knowledge. Good to know, but the fun is in the pursuit. Happy climbing!


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