Keys to Car Buying #5

Welcome back. We’re at the fourth and final tip for keeping your head while buying a car. The first three tips we covered were:

  1. Stay Aware and In-Command. Which covered how to be in control and in command of your car-buying experience, rather than being a victim of being sold. This is accomplished by asking the questions you want the answers to and only answering the questions you want to answer as the sale progresses.

  2. Come Prepared. Be prepared prior to coming on the car lot. This is accomplished by researching all costs associated with owning the car you are interested in. Securing financing first and understanding what insurance and maintenance costs will likely be before you buy.

  3. Beware the Signing Booth! The most important tip of the four is to understand exactly what the signing booth is all about: Profit and only profit. Beware!

Today’s tip is about remembering who’s in control of the purchase, YOU.

Don’t be Afraid to Walk Away. Remember you hold the power. You are the buyer who can say, Yes or No. Stick to your guns, stick to your budget and don’t shop alone!  A “disinterested” friend can help keep you grounded when you fall prey to that intoxicating new-car-smell like I did so long ago. Give your “accomplice” the power to pull you from the room to “talk you down” if necessary.

Remember, if you want to keep YOUR head on, STAY AWARE, COME PREPARED, BEWARE THE SIGNING BOOTH AND DON’T BE AFRAID TO WALK AWAY. That way your head will remain right where it should be and you’ll wear a big smile on your face as you drive home in your brand new car!


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