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Songwriting #2
 In the last installment on songwriting I wrote about how ‘Hooks & Phrases’ can be the foundation of making a great song. The next ..
(2016-10-21 21:52)
Thankfulness Rights
 We've all heard of 'Bragging Rights' where we pompously expound on what our personal skills have wrought. Well, I'd li..
(2016-08-16 15:17)
Insurers Cashing in on Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are providing a new line of business for insurers, according to Bloomberg. The cryptocurrency market has been a hotspot fo..
(2018-07-21 08:44)
Drowning the Internet
By 2030, rising sea levels may put 4,000 miles of fiber optic cable along the U.S. coasts underwater, threatening to upend the nation’s in..
(2018-07-21 08:42)
Rhetorical Devices in Speech
When we hear a speech, it can be easy or difficult to remember the topic and the content depending on the skill of the speaker. But remembe..
(2018-07-21 06:17)
Cellphone Pricing Increasing
Prices of average American cellphone plans are going up for the first time in two years, as wireless providers cut promotions, according t..
(2018-07-15 09:34)
AT&T Defiant on Time Warner Deal
AT&T’s chief executive called the chances of unwinding its purchase of Time Warner “remote,” saying the Trump administration’s decisio..
(2018-07-15 09:32)
Should Face Recognition be Regulated?
Microsoft’s president is calling on the U.S. Government to regulate facial recognition technology, which is used for everything from unloc..
(2018-07-15 09:29)
Coming Soon: Biological 'Fax Machines'
Researchers at biotech firm Synthetic Genomics have developed a device that can turn digitized DNA code — genetic blueprints — into biolog..
(2018-07-15 09:26)
Trump Halts $10.4B in Health Payments
The Trump administration has stopped making billions of dollars in risk-adjustment payments to health insurers, claiming that a federal co..
(2018-07-08 14:32)
Zuckerberg Tops Buffett in Wealth
For the first time, the three wealthiest people in the world are all tech billionaires, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. F..
(2018-07-08 14:30)
Science of Persuasion
I want you to do things my way! I want you to stop thinking like you’re thinking and begin to think the way I want you to think! Do things..
(2018-07-08 10:22)
Sales Decisions: Logic vs Emotion
Logic makes people think. Emotions make people act! To be successful in sales, you need both. Combining both brings the perfect storm of p..
(2018-07-08 09:33)
Netflix More Popular Than Cable
Netflix is more popular than cable TV and YouTube, according to a survey from financial service company Cowen & Co., reports Variety. ..
(2018-07-04 12:26)
Barnes and Noble Fires CEO
The board of Barnes & Noble announced that the company has fired CEO Demos Parneros for violating company policies, declining to speci..
(2018-07-04 12:22)
Big Beer Going Flat?
U.S. partiers may not be paring an American “big beer” with that hotdog this Fourth of July. Sales of the four leading brands — Bud Light,..
(2018-07-01 11:49)
Inflation/Interest Rates Increasing
Consumer prices rose the most in six years in May as spending growth slowed. Commerce Department figures showed Friday that the Federal Re..
(2018-07-01 11:45)
Bitcoin’s Bubble Bursting
Bitcoin inched closer to mirroring Nasdaq’s 78% peak-to-trough descent after the dot-com bubble burst, according to Bloomberg. The cryptoc..
(2018-07-01 11:42)
Apple rebuilding Maps
Apple is using data gathered by iPhones and a fleet of cars to rebuild its Maps app, according to TechCrunch. Issues after the app’s debut..
(2018-07-01 11:40)
PayPal on Buying Spree
PayPal just paid out $120 million in cash for the fraud-prevention specialist Simility, according to TechCrunch. The acquisition is among ..
(2018-06-23 06:36)
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