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Songwriting #2
 In the last installment on songwriting I wrote about how ‘Hooks & Phrases’ can be the foundation of making a great song. The next ..
(2016-10-21 21:52)
Thankfulness Rights
 We've all heard of 'Bragging Rights' where we pompously expound on what our personal skills have wrought. Well, I'd li..
(2016-08-16 15:17)
Backed Into a Corner? Be Creative!
Something magical can happen when we fell backed into a corner with no way out. Unfortunately what happens all too often is we begin to pa..
(2017-08-20 12:35)
When Character Really Counts
All of us encounter what I’ve heard described as the “piles” of life. Those times of heavy burden when we wonder if we’ll ever be free of ..
(2017-07-29 09:15)
Qi Gong – Going Deeper Spiritually
In my first blog on Qi Gong (pronounced: chi gung), I talked about its ability to reduce and even alleviate stress. But as in most eastern..
(2017-07-23 11:02)
Qi Gong the Great Reliever
Life is stressful, and it appears that it’s getting worse instead of better. Each of us has our own list of items in our lives that produc..
(2017-07-23 10:37)
Baseball Home Run Heat
The temperature is not the only thing getting hot this summer. Hitters in baseball are getting hot as well. Batters in what truly used to ..
(2017-07-01 14:37)
U.S. Supreme Court Backs Trump—Mostly!
The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the lower court’s ruling on Donald Trump’s travel ban on travelers from six countries. The Trump adm..
(2017-06-26 08:32)
Too Many Chefs in Financial Overhaul?
Responding to President Trump’s call for a complete overhaul of the nation’s financial regulatory structure, several U.S. financial instit..
(2017-06-19 07:22)
Trump Bleating About Comey Firing Probe
President Donald Trump confirmed, in yet more annoying tweets, that he is being investigated for firing FBI Director James Comey by “the ma..
(2017-06-16 08:10)
Bye-Bye Al-Baghdadi?
The ISIS leader, Al-Baghdadi, hasn't been heard from since November 2016 when he sent a message urging ISIS fighters to hold their grou..
(2017-06-16 07:41)
Dodd-Frank gets a Haircut
The House of Representatives just passed strong legislation cutting back the scope of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer ..
(2017-06-09 07:23)
Megyn Kelly Plastic with Putin
Megyn Kelly's interview with President Vladimir Putin was nothing more than a handful of fluffy softball questions with no edgy follow u..
(2017-06-04 19:30)
CFPB in Need of its Own Protection
President Trump’s budget proposal includes a section that would quietly defund the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The defunding port..
(2017-05-28 11:16)
Donald Trump Bad for Public Housing
Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the Department of Housing and Urban Development brought doom and gloom for certain facets of the housing..
(2017-05-28 10:56)
Trump’s Ben Carson Following Suit
Perhaps taking a cue from his boss Donald Trump, Ben Carson set off a media feeding frenzy when he said in an interview with SiriusXM radi..
(2017-05-26 07:36)
Coaching vs Training
Training and coaching sound like they could be two different words describing the same practice—imparting information that someone else—st..
(2017-05-22 11:21)
Reverse Mortgage
Reverse MortgageReverse mortgages are loans similar to standard home loans. The borrower’s financial eligibility and award are based on a..
(2017-05-20 13:27)
Leading with H.E.A.R.T. in Overcoming Objections
How do customers communicate their objections?How hard do we attempt to push through their objections, hesitations, fears, questions or c..
(2017-05-19 14:52)
My mom passed away 3 ½ years ago. She was 85. By the time she passed, she was a shell of her former self. 5 crushed discs in her back, the ..
(2017-05-14 09:33)
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