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Songwriting #2
 In the last installment on songwriting I wrote about how ‘Hooks & Phrases’ can be the foundation of making a great song. The next ..
(2016-10-21 21:52)
Thankfulness Rights
 We've all heard of 'Bragging Rights' where we pompously expound on what our personal skills have wrought. Well, I'd li..
(2016-08-16 15:17)
Talk, Don't Text
I’ve been complaining for years about how electronic communication is negatively impacting human interaction. My complaints have been most..
(2018-03-14 10:06)
Trump on Guns - Arming & Training Teachers
The White House unveiled a proposal for gun safety in schools on Sunday. The plan includes training and arming school staff, as well as im..
(2018-03-12 17:25)
Qualcomm Saved by President Trump
President Donald Trump killed Broadcom's proposed hostile takeover of Qualcomm citing national security concerns. The order from the W..
(2018-03-12 17:23)
Tech's Ethical Responsibility
In an article posted in LinkedIn, World Bank President Jim Kim said, “Everyone in the world could have access to broadband by 2025.” Mr. K..
(2018-03-11 08:34)
BitCoin Plummets on Sec Warning
 Bitcoin fell almost 9% to just under $10,000 after the Securities and Exchange Commission said that all so-called exchanges of crypt..
(2018-03-08 07:24)
Kirkpatrick’s 4-level Training Evaluation Model - Part 3
Level 4: ResultsOf all the levels, measuring the final results of the training is likely to be the most costly and time consuming. The big..
(2018-03-06 18:57)
Blackberry Giving Facebook a Black Eye
BlackBerry wanted to be friends with Facebook, so for several years they pursued dialogue in settling a patent infringement claim, but now ..
(2018-03-06 18:51)
Beijing to NY in 2 hours – Hypersonic Flight
A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have tested a hypersonic plane in a wind tunnel to speeds of Mach 7, or 5,600 mile..
(2018-03-04 15:08)
10 Tips for Increasing Self-Awareness
1. Get fluent in the language of emotions. To practice EQ, it’s essential to be emotionally literate. This is multifaceted; one part is to ..
(2018-03-04 14:22)
Kirkpatrick's Training Eval Model - Part 2
How to Apply the ModelLevel 1: ReactionStart by identifying how you'll measure reaction. Consider addressing these questions:Did the tr..
(2018-03-04 10:35)
Kirkpatrick’s 4-level Training Evaluation Model
Analyzing Training EffectivenessDonald Kirkpatrick, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin and past president of the American S..
(2018-03-03 10:18)
FHA Penalties Steep for Servicers
Servicing a troubled Federal Housing Administration-backed loan costs three times as much as a loan from government-sponsored enterprises ..
(2018-03-02 08:05)
CFPB’s Punitive Power Pruned
A recent federal court ruling affirmed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s place in the financial regulatory framework, but the dec..
(2018-02-16 07:26)
Trump Acting in Reverse
Once again, the Trump administration has proposed a permanent end to the cap on the number of reverse mortgages — while also hinting at ad..
(2018-02-13 08:22)
Trump Reaffirms Support for FHA Reverse Mortgage
Though President Donald Trump did not discuss housing in his first State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, he and members of his admi..
(2018-02-02 07:55)
CFPB Here to Stay
Reverse Mortgage Daily reporter, Alex Spanko, wrote that Financial industry leaders, hoping for an end to the Consumer Financial Protection..
(2018-02-01 07:56)
Two Helpful Retirement Strategies
Reverse Mortgage Daily reports that two recent scholarly articles take a look at how Americans don’t always make the best pre-retirement de..
(2018-01-31 07:56)
Wealth Managers Forecast 2018 Trends
The growing popularity of health savings accounts (HSAs), increased consumer education around de-accumulation strategies, and nationally m..
(2018-01-30 13:53)