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Coffee Is Good For You out a new study, a few cups of coffee is not ..
(2017-11-22 22:27)
The First People Of Hawaii
   Every place has its First People. As it goes for this island chain, Hawaii seems to be the last place on this planet to have ..
(2017-11-22 13:10)
About the Big Island
Hawaii Island, All the islands are the Hawaiian Islands, but the Big Island is Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands form an archipelago that ..
(2017-11-20 10:35)
Coffee talk....
Let’s talk coffee. On this planet, coffee grows only in certain places. Look at the picture of the Earth, 20 degrees above the equator and..
(2017-11-18 22:04)
Swimming Hole
Almost Always private. The water today is 86 with 100ft visibility. I will be posting our life, living in Hawaii and farming the land. This ..
(2017-11-11 11:16)
cryptocurrency Security and Exchange Commission today has charged both ..
(2017-09-30 11:21)
Old & Wise
 A Greek StoryFrom my studies of Epicurus  An American visiting Greece comes across an old man sitting under some olives tre..
(2017-09-01 21:11)
Saying good bye
As the song goes, “We are stardust, Billion year old carbon.” Here for only a blink of an eye, only to return back to stardust. To nights ..
(2017-08-31 17:54)
This is were we live......
With all the fuss over the Eclipse, I thought I would share an event that happens almost every night here on the Big Island. From our deck, ..
(2017-08-29 18:46)
Name calling
I respect the office of the President. Because of that, I am called a racist, moron, delusional, and on and on. Thats OK, take a look at my ..
(2017-08-28 21:05)
Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
Judge Susan Bolton ( a Clinton Appointment) along with the Obama Justice department accused Joe of continuing his practices of racial prof..
(2017-08-28 12:54)
summer fun

(2017-07-27 03:22)
When I fell From the Sky
Juliane Koepcke was flying over the Peruvian rainforest with her mother when her plane was hit by lightning. She survived a two-mile fall ..
(2017-07-09 18:56)
Independence Day
If you have followed me you know I live in China, some parts of the year. I am home on the farm now, Honaunau Hawaii, not in a communist c..
(2017-07-04 17:51)
july 2nd
This is a lettler writen by John Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independance, soon to be President of the United  States.........
(2017-07-03 10:29)
Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you
  Advice from An Old FarmerYour fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers at a distance. Li..
(2017-06-17 22:00)
Hawaiian Ancient Aliens
In 1866 Samuel Clemens “Mark Twain” was visiting Hawaii and exploring most of the islands. In his book “Letters from Hawaii” he wrote abou..
(2017-06-07 20:02)
Chinese Sun Flower

(2017-06-04 20:07)
The Great Wall Of China
   So if you are a tourist, you get to see the Wall like most, Starbucks at the entrance, thousands of people, the Wall reconstru..
(2017-06-05 00:45)
WikiOmni&Word4app COMING OUT!
Coming out………Five years ago I was introduced to John Chen in California over dinner, Joy was in china. I had no idea what he was talking ab..
(2017-06-06 19:41)