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Common Sense & logic.
This is a trait that you have or not. So about Fire Arms, this is how you have to use logic from a dumb shit like me.-A fire arm is a weapo..
(2018-03-26 14:15)
Weekend of Human Energy...........misguided
What an amazing amount of human energy this weekend. Just a bit misguided. As a father of a bullied kid in school, the system failed us..
(2018-03-25 12:46)
Public Service Information
Our afternoon walk in the woods, armed, locked & loaded, Russian made bullets. Worthless. .223 steel / made in Russia / fire,jam,fire,j..
(2018-03-21 17:58)
Time Marches On...............Kealakekua Bay
The view from our farm has not change much in 2000 years. People come and people go. Kealakekua Bay is a big part of our life, in daily view..
(2018-03-21 14:37)
Dear God
Can't have it both ways. You are in or you are out.........aloha (love)
(2018-03-14 16:34)
Son of Marshal Chen Yi dies
We were indroduced, had lunch, tried to teach him a few English words.......RIP                 ..
(2018-03-01 12:19)
The Art of Political Correctness
Tough concept to live by. We grow, hunt, and catch 80% of the food we eat here on the farm. Our Green Footprint is really big. We do not t..
(2018-02-25 14:40)
One persons point of view on the 2nd Amendment.
               Actually, the original intent of the 2nd Amendment is that we're supposed to..
(2018-02-23 14:49)
Kona Boys
Two pick-up trucks just drove up to the farm. 15,16,17,18 year olds armed to the teeth. This is our world, they are Kona Boys. Momma has s..
(2018-02-21 00:51)
I believe that if you do not own a gun, you could never understand anyone who does. It is that simple. If you own a gun, you do not ca..
(2018-02-17 21:22)
Crazy World
A reply from my old friend, a little puzzled by the laws that we live under. He was 18 in 1968, not old enough to purchase beer. He was draf..
(2018-02-17 13:58)
State of the Union
Most of the Dreamers I know, Joe, do not speak Spanish. One half of our congress showed the World last night what a bunch of Privileged &n..
(2018-01-31 10:52)
01/20/2018 locked out
National Parks in Hawaii today. The gates are locked. Another Good Job. alohaaaaaaaaaa
(2018-01-20 22:06)
A Whale Of A Tale
Hawaii is a great place to visit and live, not only for the people kind, but the giant mammals of the sea. Every year Hawaii has the migr..
(2018-01-18 11:15)
Live Free or Die
This is a response to someone that thinks the president is responsible for the Hawaii false alarm. So here I sit on my farm in Hawaii. The f..
(2018-01-15 14:18)
Duck & Cover
This is what we woke up to today. Cell phone beeping like Amber alert.                    ..
(2018-01-13 13:01)
Market Of Stocks
You might think the stock market is just another form of gambling, it might just be, but the whole World participates and runs on this open..
(2018-01-11 11:46)
Game On
This is getting interesting. First Oprah, now Roseanne Barr talking about running for President, it will be entertaining. I was surprised ..
(2018-01-09 10:39)
Salt Gathering, island style
I might have mentioned that Joy & I are hunter/gatherers. We love our Costco trips, but we love the idea of our Island providing all t..
(2018-01-07 18:00)
Do You Remember When
I read Jessies post about. Communicating with Millennials, I bet most of those kids have no idea that Ce..
(2018-01-07 11:14)