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Crazy World
A reply from my old friend, a little puzzled by the laws that we live under. He was 18 in 1968, not old enough to purchase beer. He was draf..
(2018-02-17 13:58)
State of the Union
Most of the Dreamers I know, Joe, do not speak Spanish. One half of our congress showed the World last night what a bunch of Privileged &n..
(2018-01-31 10:52)
01/20/2018 locked out
National Parks in Hawaii today. The gates are locked. Another Good Job. alohaaaaaaaaaa
(2018-01-20 22:06)
A Whale Of A Tale
Hawaii is a great place to visit and live, not only for the people kind, but the giant mammals of the sea. Every year Hawaii has the migr..
(2018-01-18 11:15)
Live Free or Die
This is a response to someone that thinks the president is responsible for the Hawaii false alarm. So here I sit on my farm in Hawaii. The f..
(2018-01-15 14:18)
Duck & Cover
This is what we woke up to today. Cell phone beeping like Amber alert.                    ..
(2018-01-13 13:01)
Market Of Stocks
You might think the stock market is just another form of gambling, it might just be, but the whole World participates and runs on this open..
(2018-01-11 11:46)
Game On
This is getting interesting. First Oprah, now Roseanne Barr talking about running for President, it will be entertaining. I was surprised ..
(2018-01-09 10:39)
Salt Gathering, island style
I might have mentioned that Joy & I are hunter/gatherers. We love our Costco trips, but we love the idea of our Island providing all t..
(2018-01-07 18:00)
Do You Remember When
I read Jessies post about. Communicating with Millennials, I bet most of those kids have no idea that Ce..
(2018-01-07 11:14)
Law of the Land
What ever your opinion is about the legalization of pot, you have to know, the reason your representatives want this so bad is MONEY. The ..
(2018-01-05 12:47)
Eating Unicorns...yes we do
Here in Hawaii we are very lucky to have an abundance of free food. Not the government kind, but the go out and get it yourself kind.We do..
(2018-01-04 22:19)
Can You Say...humuhumunukunukuapua’a
The state fish of Hawaii. who-moo-who-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-pooah-ah ... it's that easyYou can spot them almost every where on the reef..
(2018-01-03 10:26)
Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
Do not try this at home.It is a holiday weekend, I have/had a tooth ache. No chance of getting relief. I have had a few pulled and remember..
(2017-12-30 16:54)
Sea your step
Sea UrchinsSea urchins, called wana (vana) by the Hawaiians, are common on the floor and rocks of just about everywhere. There are several ..
(2017-12-29 11:34)
Christmas Day (FBI) from big island
"Mele Kalikimaka" From the top of our Volcano, to the ocean, this is Christmas Day in Hawaii.Kona Coffee MorningSt, Benedicts “Th..
(2017-12-25 12:33)
Devine Intervention
Divine intervention is a purported miracle caused by a deity’s active involvement in the human world. Monday being the most celebrated day..
(2017-12-23 11:32)
TAXES…….some will pay less, some will pay more. What is disgusting to see is the reporting of it all. I am watching elected politicians loo..
(2017-12-21 13:47)
Today, December, This is Hawaii Island
This is the natural wonder of Hawaii Island. Every winter, if you can call Hawaii having a winter, just 25 miles over our back fence, you ..
(2017-12-20 10:40)
Hawaiian Petroglyphs
Humans have been leaving their mark since we first populated Earth. The early Hawaiians did it too. Here in Hawaii you can still find trac..
(2017-12-19 13:14)