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Vietnamese Boat People
      Vietnamese boat people were refugees who fled Vietnam by boat and ship after the Vietnam War. I know, I was ..
(2017-04-15 19:04)
Trump / Counter-Trump
     Trump speaks and Pilosi Complains. Trump acts and Clinton dredges up old news. Trump tweets and the world is outra..
(2017-10-17 06:19)
Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead
     This past weekend we went on a relaxing and enjoyable drive, rich with beautiful scenery and panoramic views. We t..
(2017-09-25 12:18)
Donate to Hurricane Relief
This season has brought such great devastation to cites in both Texas and Florida. Recovery will take years and billions of dollars. If you ..
(2017-09-17 09:49)
Don't Just Win--Thrive!
We all want to win in the game of life. But how do we go about not only winning, but thriving! There are some daily habits that will help ..
(2017-09-16 11:23)
William & Kate: Producing Royalties
Prince William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are once again expecting. This will be their third child.Kensington Palace m..
(2017-09-04 07:33)
King’s Canyon Vacation
I’m off to King’s Canyon in Northern California for a family vacation—a much needed vacation with family to rest, relax and refresh. I will..
(2017-08-20 12:40)
Shop Till it Drops
I love shopping. I live for shopping. I’m a shop-o-holic. But not for the sake of shopping itself, but for the sake of searching for the b..
(2017-07-29 16:34)
Kermit Has Another Frog in His Throat
The end of an era has come—again—and fans are croaking their sadness over the news that the long-time voice talent behind Kermit the Frog ..
(2017-07-11 12:44)
Trump’s Rally ‘Round the Campfire—and Brimstone
"We cannot allow this terrorism and extremism to spread in our country, or to find sanctuary on our shores or in our cities." So..
(2017-07-02 10:23)
National Smile Day
This morning I heard that today--June 15--is National Smile Day!!Pass along a smile to everyone you meet today. When you smile at someone, y..
(2017-06-15 07:41)
Ostapenko Owns French Open
Jelena Ostapenko took her first Grand Slam tennis title as a professional with her win in the 2017 French Open women’s final. In so d..
(2017-06-11 10:39)
One Love Manchester - Love over Terror!
It was exciting to see that the number of viewers tuning in to see the musical benefit, “One Love Manchester”, made it the most-watched pr..
(2017-06-05 11:39)
Department of Labor Working against Trump’s Wishes?
The Department of Labor announced yesterday that its fiduciary rule will take effect on June 9 without further delay. The regulation, whic..
(2017-05-28 11:23)
IBM MERA – 21st Century Eldercare
IBM Research and Rice University have teamed up to design a prototype robot tasked with helping senior citizens. Dubbed IBM MERA for Multi..
(2017-05-23 10:06)
Trust Accounts
Supporting Team Trust:Many corporate environs include “pods” or teams of workers all focused on specific duties, responsibilities or endeav..
(2017-05-22 11:54)
I'm Learning...
I’m learning—again—how easy it is to get caught up in the negativity life brings.I’m learning how easy it is to get de-railed by family is..
(2017-05-14 09:19)
The municipality of Bardolino is a well-known resort on Lake Garda in the Province of Verona in the Italian region of Veneto. It is one of..
(2017-05-07 21:25)
An American Fail in Paris
An American fail in Paris! I was shocked at how disappointing this musical is. It won so many awards: BEST MUSICAL of the year (2015) by b..
(2017-04-28 06:32)
Lean in to Life
“What is creative living? Any life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”--Elizabeth GilbertI came across this quote th..
(2017-04-27 04:54)
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